Tuesday, March 10

Toddler Family Home Evening

"Okay, Mia gets to choose the song!"
"Twinkle Twinkle!"
"Mm- let's do a church song."
"I have a family here on eeeeeaaaarth, they are so good to meeeee..."
"Anya! hee hee hee"
"I want to share my..."
"Breeeeee! hee hee hee"
"life with them through aaaalll eternit..."

"Okay, let's say a prayer n-"
"I'll say it! Dear Heavenly Father... please bless us to go to Abby's house..."
From her perch on my lap, Anya looks up at me in her heart-shaped sunglasses and tries to shove my shoe insert in my mouth
"Please bless us to..."

Lesson time!
"Mia, do you want to help me with the lesson you got at the Primary activity?"
"Okay- you put these on the felt board as I read the lesson- here's the first one."
She puts it on. Anya pants excitedly as she waddle/marches over, promptly takes it off again and hands it to me; "Hee go!"
"NOOOoooooo, Anya!!!" Mia snatches it back and sticks it on the board again.
"Uh- yeah. So let's continue our lesson on how families should treat each other..."

"Okay, time for a closing song."
"Let's sing the temple song!!!!"
"I love to see the temple, I'm go-"
"Rooooaaaaaarrrr!!!" *hee hee hee hee*
"To read the holy scriptures..."
quizzical look
"Is that how it goes? I think it's 'feel the Holy Spirit...'"
"Oh, yeah- how many times have we sung it the wrong way? Oh well. '...to feel the Hoooooly Spiiiirit, to"
"Bree- that's enough."

Activity... Take turns getting lifted into the air while sitting on grown-up's ankles.

Treat time!
Wait- we haven't had dinner yet.
Um- dinner time!
"Who wants to say the blessing?"


Kelly D. said...

Aw, that's the cutest little roar! I love it!

And boy, could I relate to the scene you so beautifully described. Maybe not the specifics (no roaring here), but the general chaos. Toddlers + FHE = Crazy good times!

RhondaLue said...

yeah...you know, you just need a new plan.

Next weeks FHE topic: What sound does a Lion make?

Perfect. It'll go smoothly now. ;)

cute lil thing you got there!

Marsie Pants said...

Bwa hahaha!!! You don't have to pray to be invited to our house. You can come over any time!

cari said...

Gotta love the circus-like FHE. I'm glad to know that another kid likes to roar. Anthony roars at every kid he sees and made a girl cry at the park yesterday. He watched your video over and over and was laughing like it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.

Britney said...

Thank you. This post made me feel a little better about our own chaotic FHE attempts.

Thanks, also, for the activity idea. Flying through the air on ankles sounds like it'd be a winner at our house, too. :)

The Garber Family said...

That is about right for our family, too. Sadly, I usually want to put Miles to bed before FHE because Hannah and Madelyn are old enough now to have more meaningful FHEs with picture stories and songs and so on and Miles tends to cramp the style. But we keep trying with him. Come to think of it, he usually always cramps our style no matter what activity we are involved in. My kids are so sick of hearing -- "we can do that when Miles takes a nap" at which point, I'm so exhausted for caring for Miles all morning that I collapse on the couch for two hours.

Tulsi said...

What funny things for FHE. We had 10 minutes from start to finish when ours were younger. The bad thing is that Brie was 7 when Mikele was born and hated the QUICK FHE.

Magirk said...

Funny! :-D

For a moment there, though, I thought you had actually sneaked into Family Home Evening at OUR house! Hahaha!

It's the consistency that counts, right...? RIGHT???? ;-)