Thursday, February 26


I got a nap today! And I got seven hours of sleep last night! I feel like a human again- no thanks to my hair-brained idea on Sunday.

Someday next year, if all goes as planned, we will have another kid in the house. I'm not pregnant. But next summer will be the last time Zach has any kind of flexibility to his schedule. SO- we're going to need one of our two kid rooms freed up while the newbie screws with our sleep. Which means Mia will transfer to the top bunk, and the twins will share the bottom.

Right now, they all go down pretty easily. The twins kind of babble for up to an hour, but they drift off without any fuss. I thought maybe now would be a good time to get them used to the next bed situation, before they really learn how to party.

Zach took down both cribs, put Mia's bed (the top bunk with the railing) in the twins' room, and put up the bottom bunk in Mia's room. We put a crib mattress on the floor in case one of them attempted to climb over the railing and fell. Bree hadn't taken a nap, because she fell asleep in the car on the way home from church. So when we put them down, Anya was ready to call it a night, but Bree wasn't going to let us leave without a fight.

We went downstairs to wait for the crying to either stop or get worse. It stopped. Hooray- success!

A minute later I heard *scratch scratch* on the baby monitor. Which was on the art table. On the wall opposite the bed. A few steps up, I can see the light on under the door. Bree is up on the table, and Anya is standing in front of the door. Both grin at me and giggle.

We finally got them to sleep- I had to kneel and stroke Bree's face, which was just procrastinating the inevitable. At 1 something in the morning, she realized Mom wasn't there anymore, and started crying again. Which woke up Anya. Who started crying. I went to check on them, and tried to put them back in bed to see if they wouldn't cry it out. They thought climbing out would be more effective. *pound pound* Four little hands on the door. About 2:30 Zach decided the only way to get any sleep would be to put the cribs back up. He got done around 3:00. I fell asleep at about 4:30.


Oh- and last night we were downstairs and heard a thud from Mia's room. She fell out of her new rail-less bed, which is now under the top bunk. I went up to find her sitting in a pile of sheet, (don't let an Italian repeat that out loud) scratching her head looking around. "Did you fall out of bed?" She mumbled "yeah" as I picked her up and stuffed her over next to the wall. This morning she said she had a dream she fell off the couch.


Blog Stalker said...

We have such a hard time getting kids to actually go to sleep.....almost every night! Can totally picture the four pounding hands on the bedroom door. sorry if i laugh at that. lol

Have a great day!

Erika said...

ugh, the transition from crib to bed is hard enough with just one kid! We couldn't get our first to transition until she was over 2. Our last child was much easier, it just took her a week or two to get used to the new scenario. She was ousted from her crib when she fell out of it and broke her arm at 20 months.

cari said...

Oh the joys of parenting. I would have totally put the cribs back up as well. Won't it be nice one day to have a house with a basement to stick all the kids in? They could play until they collapse from exhaustion and we could be upstairs sleeping all night. We put both of the boy in the same room and they wake each other up all of the time. So fun.

Britney said...

That crib story was a good one. How old are your twins now?

My daughter just turned two, and the doctor asked me if I'd moved her to a bed yet. To which I answered, "No". It's such a tough transition. And I've REALLY been avoiding it for many of the reasons you described in your post.

Glad you got a nap and 7 straight hours!

Summer said...

They'll be two in April!

Tulsi said...

Mikele was the only one who ever got out of bed when we removed the crib. We had to lay with her until she went to sleep for months. It didn't take to long, but she did discover she could get up a time or two. I can't imagine with twins. They have a partner in crime.

Kelly D. said...

Gulp. I have to do this same thing VERY soon (granted, I only have to transfer ONE kid from crib to big girl bed). I'm not looking forward to it.

Brooke.Serial.Scrapper said...

K I love this post Summer! I went through and read several of them you are so artsy and creative and such a great mommy! You have more patience for your 3 little girls than anyone I know! Congrats on you wonderful blog I love it! i'll be back to check on you later...

Magirk said...

I am still procrastinating the relocating the twins to real beds thing. Hubby wants to do it soon, but I just keep being content with the crib situation.

I hope it all works out for you eventually.

Glad you got a good nap though! ;-)

The Waits Gate said...

I made sure the room was child safe, then we put a white handle on the inside of their door and they couldn't get out and Mother was not going in. Once they figured that out, eventually they fell asleep. I might have to listen to them cry for a while, but if there is no audience the show will stop. (The best parenting advice I've ever received!)

Megs said...

haha that reminds me of the time I fell out of yours and Lara's bunk. Remember how the "railing" was actually attached by multi-colored shoelaces? You were sleeping at a friends or something, and I wanted to sleep with Lara because it would be FUN! So I got the top bunk...and during my ever turning sleep, I kicked the rail and fell out...on top of the railing. I just remember waking up with a sore arm and Lara telling me I fell off the top. At least you guys were smart enough to put padding down.... and not tie the railing on with multi colored shoelaces. Girlscout style.