Friday, January 12

Who's who

I just called Marilyn, the doula who was there for Mia’s birth. She said she wouldn’t mind doing a trade to come help with the twins’ birth. I’m sure it will be nice to have her there, and I’m grateful she is willing to work something out with us. She usually charges $400.
Mia is starting to say more words. Yesterday she saw a baby on the TV and said “Behbee!” and today she was looking at a little family statue Kirsten Morgan gave us and pointed to the baby and said “Baybee!” so I know it isn’t a fluke. We didn’t even teach her that one. She mimics us when we say easy words like “Ew” and “Uh-oh.” And when we watch her Baby Einstein videos that my mom gave us she tries to say the words. They say “couch” and she gears up her throat and says “gough!” Flower is “wawo!” It is so much fun to watch her. I’m so in love with her, I just cringe when I think how hard things could be on her over the next year.
We think we decided on names. This Sunday we picked out Anya Rachelle and Bree Camille, and neither of us has changed our mind yet. I guess we’ll just see who looks like what when they’re born and decide who is who then.

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