Monday, January 15

From home to the O.R.

It turns out that the midwife clinic I was planning on going to for this pregnancy can’t handle twin births, so I’m going back to Dr. Langer all the way over at Jordan Valley. I’m kind of relieved, even though I’m not looking forward to such long drives again to get to appointments, and it worries me that I’ll be so far away from the hospital on D-day. I hope they won’t automatically want to induce me, ‘cause I really want things as natural as possible (if possible.) I’m just praying that they both present vertex, even though only a small percent of twins do. Second best would be if the second baby is breech and Dr. Langer is a confident breech “birther.” I so dread being cut open. I might opt for general anesthesia, just because I am so freaked out by the idea. I mean- hello- I don’t want an epidural because I’m afraid of the needle. This is like- ten times worse. I can't believe I'm going from delivering at home, to the O.R.
I read both books we got from Barnes and Noble on twins. One is over 300 pages, the other 500. I barely skimmed over all the “this is why your pregnancy is more likely to be doomed” and “this is why Cesareans are so bad” chapters. I didn’t really get much help from either book. Everything is pretty obvious- you are having two babies, and you are going to have to figure out yourself the way things are going to work.

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Magirk said...

Oh, I got a good chuckle out of this one. :) About 'figure it out all by yourself.'

It sounds brutal, but it's the truth (at least for me). Nothing I read prepared me for what actually went down - though the pregnancy, birth, and after.

I wasn't so concerned about C-sections, I just figured I was destined for it, since our first daughter was born that way. Pretty sure I didn't want to try for a VBAC while having twins which was risky anyway.

Still reading....!