Sunday, December 31

Deepest sympathies

Either I am still totally in denial, or I’ve accepted two kids a lot more easily than I thought I would have. We video taped our families as we told them the big news. Tyson was at the back of everyone’s heads, so you can’t see everyone’s faces turn from a puzzled look when Zach said “Baby A is a girl,” to giddy shock when I said “and Baby B is also a girl.” Everyone should have news like that to give at least once in their lives, it is just too much fun.

It’s kind of sad that a lot of people give more condolences than congratulations. My dad was all sympathy- the one person in the room who had actually helped raise twin babies. We told a bunch of people in the ward today- and word spread quickly. At least I know how to react to this news next time I hear it. Don’t offer condolences- offer encouragement. A couple of people have said that it takes special people for Heavenly Father to give them two kids at once, and that I must be a good mom. Ha- if that's how it worked, I'm sure there would be plenty of "barren" women out there who were able to have children, and evil people would all be sterile. But, still, that's much better than “Gee- you’re in for it.”
I wonder if growing up, all the times I’ve picked out names for twin girls and thought about what I would do if I ever had twins were little preparations, or if everyone thinks that much about the possibility. Zach and I stayed up looking at names on different web sites. We want the names to correlate- even remotely, but not be dated or cutsie. When these babies are thirty I don’t want them to have names that sound ridiculous on an adult.
Zach has been going crazy cleaning the house. I can’t believe what an incredible husband he is.

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Magirk said...

I agree, it's very exciting news to share. ;)

When we told people who had raised twins our news, they would say things like, 'It gets easier after a while.' And I remember thinking, in WHAT while? 6 months? A year? 18 years??? (haha)

This is so fun reading your stories about having twins - it brings back all my memories! :D