Wednesday, February 28

First timers

At lunch I used my musical phone rings to distract Mia into eating this blended peas and grain mixture I made. She wasn’t too excited to eat it. Half way through the bowl she started looking at the phone and asking “Daddy?” It was the end of the hour, so I thought he might have a break between classes (he's a guitar teacher) and called him. Usually, Mia hears him on the other end and pushes the phone away whining, but today she actually listened and grunted in response to his comments. To see if she was really listening, he asked her to recite the animal sounds she knew. I sat and watched her moo, meow, bark, and say, “beeaw!” (bear) Her first phone conversation! Zach and I were both enthralled the whole time.
I just can’t see everything being so amazing when the twins do things for the first time. I guess because that was also Zach’s first phone “conversation” with his own kid. All the firsts get used up on the first kid! I don’t expect to experience the twins’ lives with the same sense of ignorant awe. Maybe it will be more fun that way, because the time spent figuring basic things out can be spent enjoying them.

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