Thursday, February 15

Big people celebrate, too

Valentine’s Day was fun. Zach got us a little gift basket from BYU with Martinelli’s, goblets and chocolate scented candles with a big bouquet of red roses. My mom came to watch Mia, and we headed up to Olive Garden to put our names on an 80-minute waiting list. After going to Reams and Kid-to-Kid, I couldn’t walk anymore, so we headed back to the restaurant where a gracious woman around Zach’s age let me sit in her husband’s empty seat.
We ate way too much, and headed over to BYU for a Valentine’s Day concert. It was ok- they served Milano’s and Martinelli’s, and there were little battery-operated tea-lite candles to play with. The music was written by students who had joined this BYU club with apparently lax admission requirements, and after we figured we had heard our yearly quota of cliché love song lyrics and amateur accompaniment, we decided to head home and let my mom off the hook.

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