Thursday, February 8


Monday I saw an important ad in the online classifieds. I’ve been checking the baby section every day looking for good deals. Someone put an ad in for an apartment lease. I read it for no reason, other than it was funny that someone put it in "baby items" and it hadn’t been reported and moved yet. 4 bedroom, free internet, a pool and gym, granite countertops and tile floors: $610 a month.
When I realized what an incredible deal it was I started thinking how nice it would be to move there instead of my parents’ house. (We have to sell our current home, and I'm too pregnant to keep it clean while we're showing it.) The amazing thing about it- the lease ends in July and you can’t renew the contract, I found out later it is because the complex is really student housing, and when it was first built, they opened it temporarily to families at that great rate. The catch was- they got kicked out after two years. So this family found a house and it closed really fast. They have to move at the end of this month.
Just for the fun of it, I calculated the difference we would pay, once we got rid of our internet. $100 a month. Hmm. Just for a little more fun, I called the gal who placed the ad. She said all the offers she got wanted to renew the lease past July- which they couldn’t do. I called Zach, who surprised me by sounding optimistic. I looked for the ad an hour later, and it had been deleted. If I hadn't called her, I wouldn't have her number. We went and looked at the apartment that night, applied for it the next day, and today, Thursday, we signed the lease! Crazy!

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