Monday, January 5

This time last year: January

I've been thinking, since I neglected my blog so badly last year, I might just do a little updating each corresponding month this year.  

Last year at this time, we had just gotten some AWESOME gift cards from my sister, Lara for Christmas.  We used one to visit the Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage. (And we still have another one to use!)

 Our first trip was fun, except the girls had somehow got it into their heads that they were going to swim with, or pet dolphins. So even though they were seeing them in real life for the first time, they were having trouble appreciating it.  Then, about one minute after I took this picture, Kael ran back up the ramp, tripped, and hit his head on the edge of the knee-high pool enclosure wall.

While Zach was in the restroom getting the blood wiped off Kael's face and out of his eye, I talked with the employee who was helping us, and waiting to see if we needed an ambulance.  I asked if there was any way they could let us come back.  They took our tickets and got permission to let us use them again later.  

We dropped Kael and Zach off at the hospital and I took the kids home while Zach stitched Kael up in the E.R.  

Like usual, I couldn't find anyone to stay with the kids, so after I got Declan down for a nap, Mia babysat while I went to pick up the guys.  Kael was watching Spongebob and getting a popsicle.

We went back the next month.  The kids were just as excited about playing on the lit-up floor as they were about seeing the dolphins and wild cats.  

As we walked up to the ticket booth, the girl said, "Hey, I remember you guys!" and asked about Kael's cut.  The stitches had been out a couple of weeks, and it looked pretty good.  When we got to the dolphin area, a gal right behind us said loudly, "Who wants to paint with a dolphin?!"  I turned around and saw her glance at me, so I pointed to the twins and told her they would love to- it would be their birthday dream come true.  She immediately looked sheepish and apologized for yelling so loudly. She had been talking to a little girl next to us whose parents had paid for the painting activity.  Then she called a trainer over and asked them if they would let the girls touch a dolphin during the next show.  They told us to wait exactly where we were, and they'd make sure the kids got to pet a dolphin.  And they did!  They pulled one out by the tail like they do for weighing, and all the kids got to feel its slimy skin.

Then we went to the wild cat area, and Seigfried was standing there!  So we took a picture with him. He pretended to be taming Kael. 

Kael's accident had a happy ending.  We had so much more fun the second time around.

 Here's our January calendar page:

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