Thursday, January 1

New Year's play at our house

Here's what New Year's Eve looked like at my house.

We stayed up late playing Settlers of Catan for the 5th time since Santa brought it on Christmas.  I won for the fifth time. That's what I get for being the only adult playing a strategy game half the time.

So far New Year's Day is looking like me waiting for the girls to wake up.  I made a special breakfast and everything, thinking they were getting up with the boys and I.  When I called up to tell them it was ready, I got no answer, ha.

We've got the usual resolutions planned: stop eating sugar, have a better attitude with each other, be more physically active, keep up better on school work.  I've also decided to start blogging more regularly.  My goal is to have something to print as a family record at the end of the year.  Facebook does have a cool company that will gather all your posts and pictures and print them, and we've done two volumes spanning 2007 to now, but it's mostly made up of quick blurbs.  I've missed writing. And since no one reads blogs anymore, I don't feel so exhibitionist as before. ;)  I haven't decided yet if I should set a rule to write every day or not.  I'll try it for a while and see.  I might end up satisfied with a minimum weekly entry.

I kind of want to set a resolution to keep the kids from playing so many video games.  I'm watching Declan play Wii fit plus.  He actually knows how to navigate to and play his favorite exercise games, including skateboarding, where he has to stand with one foot on the board and pretend to skate board.  He's really good!  These crazy 21st century toddlers who can use i-pods and tablets before they can talk.   We also got Disney Infiniti for Christmas, which is a problem game.  Only two player, and not really set up with definitive game endings.  And so glitchy. When they're not whining about whose turn it is, the stupid thing is frozen.

Anyway, I'm not sure we need to cut down on the games yet.  I've just labeled them as bad time-wasters, but they ARE helping keep them moving.  It's cold, the pool has been replaced by the sandbox, no one wants to play outside for a while.

We'll see.

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