Saturday, January 3

Baby Talk

The last couple of months I've been so entertained by Declan's emerging vocabulary, and his pronunciation.  Each of his four older siblings had their unique and adorable speech impediments.  I went so far as to tell Mia not to correct Kael's lingering mispronunciations just because I loved them so much and didn't want them to disappear.  One more way of holding on to my babies' babyhood a little longer.

  Declan, though! In almost every facet of his development he has been my first kid to do everything.  First kid to figure out and actually use the bouncing swing, first to never use a bottle, first to fit into the size of clothing that matched his age, first to have no jaundice trouble, first climber, first to bean me in the head with a toy, first to enjoy sand as a baby.  The list goes on, but the one first I've been noticing lately, is his ability to mimic any word that we throw at him.  He can say Bree's name with the "R." Kael's name includes the "L." When he needs help figuring out the Wii, he comes up to me and says "Please help me?" "L"s and all. He points to what he wants and says "I want...this."

When we were playing Settlers of Catan and he kept climbing onto the table and grabbing Anya's pieces, we told him to get down and he just looked at us like we were rude and said "I'm tryin' to play the gaaame."

Some words do come out a little garbled, and we crack up from cuteness.  And then the ones he does get crack us up with amazement.  Either way, we laugh a lot when he talks, so he does plenty of it.

  I guess I can handle one kid depriving me of speech impediments.  Heaven knows I'll be hanging onto my last child's babyhood way longer than any of the others, even without them!


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