Tuesday, July 17


I don't know if you'll remember, but last year we stopped at Albertson's on the way to Chuck-E-Cheese and got the only little boy cake they had- a bright blue Cookie Monster cake that made for some fun blue surprises the next day.  When I asked the girls what kind of cake we should get Kael, they said immediately, "A red Elmo!  So we'll have red poop this time!"  And you'll never guess where they wanted to celebrate. 
I was planning on making a regular old cake at home, but ran out of time, so on our way to Chuck-E's we stopped again at Albertson's.  I brought Kael in with me to point out his favorite cake, and lo and behold-  the only little boy cake on display?  Bright red Elmo, which Kael immediately singled out.

Although his first reaction to the hideously dressed rodent approaching was one of distress,

immediately after Chuck-E left, Kael started calling for him.  I missed the first two yells, which were so loud he actually yelled his candle out instead of blowing it.  But we got him to re-enact it, even though it's not nearly as intense as the first couple of calls...

When we got home, Daddy hooked up the bike trailer and took him for a ride.  Maybe his first... it's been a long time since we got this thing out.
His sisters were more than happy to take turns while he rode every time.

He is a little spoiled...

I was right to be curious about what having a boy would be like. This kid has been the exact opposite of his sisters so far in just about every area.

The girls were all very outgoing. I couldn't usually keep up with them after sacrament meeting as they booked it to nursery and waited for someone to let them in.  This kid won't enter unless I go in and stay for an hour. 

The girls have never played alone... they're always playing with each other. Kael is content to hunker down on his own for a while. This is one of his favorite spots.

I wouldn't let him climb up onto that stool.

He's the loudest kid we've ever had....

and the most naked.  He does run exactly like Anya did when she was his age, though. 
 Bushwhacker style.

He's been the easiset to put down for naps and bedtime.  So easy- I just grin my head off almost every time he goes down with a smile and I remember that cringe I used to have whenever I closed a nursery door behind me.
One of the other few similarities...
He's just as affectionate as the girls are.  Every night he calls "Miiiiiiaaaa!  Shiiishers!"  (He doesn't use Anya or Bree's names unless we tell him to) and puckers his lips waiting for them to drop their toothbrushes or books or pajamas and run into his room.  Then he runs to them with his arms flug wide and yells "Huuug!" as he squeezes with all his might, and puckers up again and smacks them right on the lips.  He'll kiss anyone who mentions the word, we've learned. 
He has nooooo idea we think he's the cutest thing in the house.
Love this boy. Bring on the two's!

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Leah Southwick said...

Oh my heavens! What an adorable little boy. That was such a cute blog post.