Wednesday, July 4

Who knew

We've been trying for years to get the kids into swimming lessons, but weird logistical problems have always kept us from doing it.  Every class I found needed parental involvement, and I was outnumbered.  By the summer I felt comfortable trusting one of the twins by the side of the pool while I helped the other, I had an infant to leave by the side of the pool, and I really didn't want to deal with that. When we moved here last summer, knowing we wanted a pool at our house, we were especially anxious to get them into lessons.  But we missed deadlines while we moved four times and I was trying to find a house.
So this summer we found ourselves with a pool and four kids who couldn't swim a stroke. 
Turns out we didn't need lessons after all.  You throw them in enough times, and they figure it out.  It helps that they can touch the bottom in every part of the pool- I don't think the twins would have been able to get out of their floaties alone otherwise.
In a matter of weeks they've gone from hating their faces splashed to swimming underwater across the pool. Now they're teaching themselves to float and kick and do arm strokes! They're no Olympians, but we were just shooting for not drowning. :)

That's Bree under there!  Even two weeks ago, I never would have believed it.

Same with Mia!  Anya was in trouble, so she missed out this time around... but she's been doing the same.

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Marsie Pants said...

Abby did the same thing this summer! It's been completely awesome! Also, she and Mia have the same swimming suit. Yay for Costco!