Saturday, August 11


I can't get over how awesome Craigslist is.  We've been looking at swingsets for a year now.  I've come very close to spending over $100 on a new metal Walmart set, but none of them had a slide, and looked kind of lame compared to some of the nice wooden ones I was seeing on Craigslist.  The problem with those was that we needed Zach to be able to pick it up, and the sellers always said we would have to dismantle it.  Between time and distance contraints, none of the sets I've run across in my sporadic searches have ever panned out.
Last night I happened to see this, the family happened to respond this morning, Zach happened to get work off for a few hours (this has happened once before in the year we've been here, I think) and they happened to want it gone so badly this afternoon before they got in their moving truck, that they gave it to us for $75 and helped him take it down.
It's in pieces in the mini-van.  The kids have no idea we bought it. I can't wait to see what it looks like in our yard.


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