Thursday, June 10


We went to the Field of Dreams Equine Education center today with some friends. When I told the girls they were going to ride a horse this morning, Mia was the only one who seemed excited at first. Then Bree realized what I meant and started telling me every half hour, "I want to ride a horse, Mommy!!" I wasn't sure Anya would be up to it. All of them, especially Anya, have always had a little trouble getting comfortable with new slides and all sorts of other normal kid stuff they have encountered over the years.

But when we got there, Anya raced over and was the first to put on a helmet and climb up the platform. Mia had ridden once at the zoo, but I was really suprised at how comfortable the twins were with these huge, live animals. Anya grinned her head off the entire time she rode! She and Bree took turns riding "Jane."

Bree couldn't contain her excitement, and ran out of patience before the horse got back. But she dried her tears as soon as I took the helmet off Anya and put it on her. She was giggling when she first mounted, and then started waving and yelling "HI!" to everyone.

Mia rode a horse named Miracle. She was lifted onto the horse at the zoo last year, but once she was on the platform, all I had to do was point to the stirrup and she got on by herself no problem. I had trouble mounting the first time when I was twice her age!

I think I've been just as enchanted with horses growing up as every girl- but seeing my girls so smitten really makes me hope we have a chance to let them ride more someday. :)


Maureen said...

Ahh, just look at those smiles! Maybe their new little hobby horse warmed Anya right up.

Erika said...

That's pretty impressive that all of the girls rode! Looks like lots of fun!