Sunday, June 27

Cutting it close

With the last two pregnancies, I had everything ready to go a few weeks in advance- everything. This time around- not so much. We're getting a bassinet tomorrow morning, and Zach should have the crib put back together sometime this week. I've organized all of our newborn through 3 month outfits in a little tupperware dresser in the girls' room. Other than that, we haven't really prepared anything. It's so weird- like it hasn't sunk in yet that we're actually going to have a baby around... really soon.

It seems the twins finally believe there's a baby on the way. I'm not sure they understand that he'll ever be a baby on the outside of Mom, though.

Mia, on the other hand, knows a change is coming. She's excited to hold her brother.
We keep trying to get her to name him for us. I stuck her on the computer and had her look at a baby name site. She has a much more open mind than I do- and asked about some names that I would have passed over without a second glance. She got pretty attached to Hamish for a few minutes, but when she realized we were still going to have the final say, kind of lost interest in the search. Now when I ask her how she feels about a name, she says reassuringly, "You just name him what you want, and I will like it."

So we're still in name limbo. When we were expecting Mia, we were dead set on Samuel if she was a boy. Then my cousin used it, and now it has gotten a lot more common, which is less appealing to me. It's just annoying to hear some mom calling your kid's name in the park. I can't imagine how all the Emmas and Isabellas out there feel when that happens probably every day. Anyway. This time, we thought we had settled on Greyson, until I heard it in reference to about five different boys in one week. Seems that one is getting too popular, too. I'm already so sad that Mia's name jumped in popularity the year after we named her, and I'm worried that with the new Eclipse novella, Bree's name is going to start popping up more often, too. Lame. We still have about two and a half weeks to decide on this kid.

I realized we might miss our last chance to get belly pics, so we went out today and took some. Zach does a pretty decent job, no? :)


Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

You. Are. Radiant!

Just beautiful pictures. (Thumbs up Zach)

Good luck on the great name search. I say you just name him either Butch, Leroy, Clarence, or Alvin. Those are sturdy and uncommon. ;D

Erika said...

Oh I love those belly shots!!! So pretty!

Naming a boy is hard, I think. There are so few choices that aren't popular. I teased my husband that we'd name ours Atticus. Good luck on that one.

cari said...

You look great Summer. Good luck the last little bit.

Michelle said...

I am green with envy! You look way awesome!! Zach did a really good job!
Now for names...
I like the traditional but hardly ever used names..Edward still hasn't really become more popular with the twilight books but I think that is because more people are Team Jacob fans! lol!! Anyways..what if you went through the scriptures? I have heard a lot of people who have read the scriptures for names and that is where they got the name..seriously how many people do you know their name is Alma, or Ishmel(sp?) etc.. I love the name Elijah and then nickname Eli but Jason hated it so we never used it. The other thing we thought of was places (we have a state, a city, an out of the country city and an island!) I do not doubt if you do not have a name by the time he is born when you see those precious features and name will come quickly! Good luck!!

Kell's Belles said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Naming the 4th baby is hard, period. I actually really like Hamish (so very British!), so please congratulate Mia for picking such a great name. Maybe you and Zach will warm up to it? Fingers crossed.

The Waits Gate said...

I don't know why it is so hard to name boys. I liked Harvey, Levi, and Eli; however the last seems to be more popular and when I read it I read Elli. Now I can't imagine Austin named something else, well, I like James, his middle name better so I call him Austin James, but it means wanderer so we had to have Austin in there. You wouldn't believe how many Gavin's there actually are. And another weird thing is to hear my name called at the playground. I never knew anyone else named Amelia growing up(Maybe their parents called them Amy too?)now I hear it from a lot of parents and its usually when they're angry too. It catches me off- guard.

Anyways, good luck and beautiful pictures by the way!!! How about Corbin? "You pick it out and I will like whatever you pick out".

Amandean said...

Dean liked Kemuel. Really. Oh, and there are Polish names (from his mission) like Andrzej and Wladislaw. Granted, he never seriously suggested those. Polish girl names, yes. Boy names, not so much. Sorry. I'm not much help-haven't had to think about boy names in a while.

Lisa said...

Very cute!! Zach did a great job!! Can't wait to see that little boy! You look great!

Marsie Pants said...

You can steal my #1 boy name if you want because Adam's going to ruin it by shortening it if we use it: Oliver. So dang cute. We also like British and Welsh names. Adam loves Rhys, I don't as much so you can have it. :-) Okay, that's all I'm giving you. Good luck with that one!!

The Garber Family said...

Awesome Pictures!
You will be so glad to have those!

I know about the name thing. I thought we were being real original and retro by using Hannah. Turns out that was the most popular name in 2001. And with a boy it's always harder, I think. Especially if you want something a little out of the norm, but not too weird.

Brooke.Serial.Scrapper said...

I had an incredibly hard time naming this baby boy too! I have always felt like when the name pops into my head that the baby kind of "lets me know if it's the right name" I loved the name Declan we were going to call him Decker for short but I just got the feeling that wasn't his name. Anyway needless to say the only name Brandon and I agreed on was Logan, aparently the baby thinks so too because I have had nothing but good feelings since :0)
Here's the down part, people keep asking me why I am naming him after a city. Not sure what to say about that one! I just like it.. Names are hard. It's something they have to live with, so you want to pick the right one.. I was so bugged when I named my first (Evan) and within his year I met 3 more! Even though I had never met and Evan before.. Oh well whatta ya do :0)

Britney said...

These are such sweet photos!

Good luck with the last few weeks, and with the naming. How about Noah?