Tuesday, June 8


WANTED: Translator fluent in Strangese.

About once every three hours, you will hear Bree tell Anya, "I be a pie-yut (pirate) and you be Jesus, k? AAARRRR-GUH!"

Then Anya will reply with "When I grow up, I be a ballerina, go in time out."

The conversation never varies. They don't laugh, but apparently it is just as interesting the tenth time as the first.


Breezi said...

Dude. How can you not crack up at that. Those are some seriously funny kids.
Arrrrrrgghh. I'd be the pirate. Much less compassion needed.

Kelly D. said...

Ooh, I've always wished my Bible contained more stories about Jesus and pirates!

Hollie said...

Love it. I do not get how children can have conversations with eachother, understand each other and not laugh at what is being said. Sorry to hear about your Grandma too, that was a sweet post, glad you had someone so great in your life.