Sunday, January 3

Come to Order

I can honestly say we made the most of Zach's school break. Usually we get home from Utah and wish we had a whole other vacation to spend with just each other. This year we got just enough time together as a family, just enough time together as a couple. We were all sick a lot, too- and very grateful we didn't have to pack our coughing, runny-nosed, and runny-diapered kids anywhere. Is there anyone out there whose family didn't all get sick over the holidays? I don't know if it's just Facebook awareness, or if I've really been hearing about more sickness.

We made the most of our last vacation days by consolidating our kids.

They're all sleeping (very figurative term at this particular moment) in what used to be the twins' room. We moved Mia's bunk bed where Anya's crib used to be, and stuffed her dresser in there, too.

Then, we did what we've been dreaming of doing since we moved to our little house two years ago.

We moved all of the toys that have been camping out in our family/living/computer/exercise/dining/play room and put them in Mia's old room, which now serves as their play room! Now we have a very uncluttered and spacious family/living/computer/exercise/dining room and couldn't be happier. It's like we moved to a house with another 150 square feet!

The biggest plus is that their play seems more structured. Not only do they seem to understand better where everything needs to be put away when they're done playing, but when playtime ends. We leave the room, so clean-up time is way more obvious. It wasn't just the space that was cluttered, it was our schedule. It was as hard to differentiate play time and lunch time as it was to seperate the playing and eating areas. Impossible when the high chairs were between the toys and the play area.

Unfortunately, now we've subsituted day-time chaos for night. It seems I might have to make a habit of sitting in their room playing police-mom while they fall asleep. Off I go.


Breezi said...

Don't you LOVE having your living room back? We moved the toys up to the girl's room right before Christmas and we've been lovin' it ever since!

Kelly D. said...

Ooh, I love a good organization story. Especially one about toys. Congratulations on a vacation well spent!

RhondaLue said...

But you'd totally make a hot police mom so go ahead... lol

That is so great that you've found a solution to your problem!

Not so great you were all sick! Sorry. We were all healthy for the holidays..but hubs is getting sick now that he has to go back to work. nice.

The Garber Family said...

Play rooms are awesome -- I wish I had one. We'll finish our basement in a few years and finally have one. And then we won't need it anymore, eh?
We missed you guys, but I can certainly understand the need to be home. That is one thing I appreciate most about moving back to Utah, no more traveling during the holidays!

The Waits Gate said...

Awesome! We thought about having all the boys in one room, and toys in another, but Austin is in his own room instead. I swear the toys around here are trying to multiply and replenish the earth!

Magirk said...

Yay for extra space!! ;-D

We finally had to separate our girls. Sweet Pea goes to sleep in her bed in the girls' room, while Princess goes to sleep in our room on our bed, and Daddy carries her to her bed when we're ready to retire.

It saves me a lot of headache at the end of the day, when I'm least prepared to deal with the insanity of two girls keeping each other til all hours of the night. Haha! ;-)