Thursday, January 7

Little minds at work


Mom trying to decide which farm to pick pumpkins at: "Hmm- that farm is an hour away- we're not going there." Mia pipes up, "How 'bout we take two cars to get there faster?"

"Hey mom- my shirt is giving me a hot body!"

"Please bless the food, and please bless my mom to have a baby. I want a baby brother or a baby sister."


Anya comes to check out Bree's progress on the toilet. "How doin?" Bree replies, "Is big poop." Anya takes a peek, "Ooh- pretty!"


The Christmas elf delivers the gifts from grandma's house to ours each morning, as long as you're on good behavior the day before. One morning, he left a present for mom and dad. "Mom- you got a present! That's because you didn't yell at me yesterday!" "Gee- that's uh... great..."

Anya asks to be carried down the stairs. "I can't sweetie, my back is hurting right now." Puzzled look from the two-year-old. "It's um... broken today." She races down the stairs chanting something like "teep! teep!" We reach the computer desk and I see what she's referring to. "Tape? You want tape?" That's what she wants. I give her a peice and she puts it on my back. "Deh- fix it. Ah bedduh? Fee bedduh now?"


Breezi said...

how adorable!
Some of those made me laugh out loud... Your kids are awesome. :)

The Garber Family said...

I love these quotes. They are going to laugh so much at the things they used to say someday.

Kelly D. said...

Out of the mouths of babes . . . adorableness! Love it!

Brooke.Serial.Scrapper said...

OH my goodness, I love the things little ones come up with! Congrats on bloggin them too, it's fun to go back and read it! :0)

NatRat said...

These are the best! Kids are hilarious!!!

Magirk said...

One of the best parts about being a mom is hearing the things that come out of their mouths and which illustrate what they're thinking. Love it!!

Megs said...

hahahahahaha Sitting at work, and those definitely put a smile on my face. hahaha