Sunday, September 6

First Bite

Ten years ago October, Zach and I took a very short trip to NY to see some broadway shows. We were accompanied by my cousin, met up with my sister, and stayed with relatives in NJ. Last week, to celebrate our seventh anniversary (which is TODAY!) we went all by our lonesomes. By ourselves.
With no kids!

Our wonderful friends watched not only our girls, but theirs too. Five girls three and under. They are supposed to go out of town now so we can return the favor. That'll be a fun post...

We rode a shuttle from the airport to our hotel, Fairfield by Marriot, near Times Square. Our driver was- you guessed it- crazy. He ran into the side of the toll booth on the freeway. And got out to talk to the car behind us while we were waiting at a red light. We weren't wearing seatbelts. Yee haw!

The first thing we did was drop our bags at the hotel and run around the corner to the Titanic exhibit. Very cool thing to see in NY- almost everyone on the ship had ties to the state in some way. Or would have, had they made it. We got cards with the name of random passengers and their reasons for traveling, who they were with, where they were from, name, age, and first, second, or third class passenger. At the end of the tour you could look up their name and see if they lived or not. Pretty awful list. The 21-year-old girl on my card lived, and amazingly, so did her new husband. But I was still teary toward the end. The tour started with the building of the ship, guided you through the different parts. Gave histories of some significant historical people. All throughout there were artifacts that had been rescued from the bottom of the ocean. There was a huge block of ice in the shape of an iceburg. Just touching it for five seconds made your hand ache. They said it was not as cold as the water the people were in. The whole experience was eerie, but educational.

Actual staircase from original ship

Replicated in the exhibit- we got to stand on it while they shot a pic of us, but we didn't buy it. Maybe we'll dress up and Photoshop ourselves in just to be creepy.

Wonder what he was thinking. Maybe he was just trying to watch someone behind him without looking obvious.

We went to dinner at the TGIF's in Times Square.

Our view got more fun the longer we looked.

You think I'm trigger happy? Check out this guy. Shooting his food for a class or something.

More in a bit...


cari said...

I'm glad you were able to get away for a couple of days. Looks like fun. I love that you take pictures of random people. I really need to start doing that. It makes it more interesting, especially if they don't catch you taking them. The only time I've done that was at chuckarama when this guy there had the longest mullet you've ever seen.

Cherry Tree said...

Looks like tons of fun. How great that you get to get away!

Michelle said...

Looks like you had alot of fun..did you ask the guy taking pis of his food was related to Breezi? she takes pics of her food too! lol...I also have seen the titanic exhibit..a few years ago and I wasn't allowed to take pics so that is awesome to see it again! I am glad you had fun!