Monday, September 7

2nd Bite

In case you missed it, the beginning of our trip is right over here.

Finished up at TGIF's, back we went to explore Times Square.

Must have been fun getting that piano out there.

The first thing to catch our eyes was the huge ferris wheel inside the ToysRUs.

All Legos- down to the ape and torch.

This guy was life size. And growling at us!

Next stop: CHOCOLATE (cut to Heavenly choir...aaaaand action)

After a little break

We decided to look at more chocolate.

And we realized- we don't really need to actually GO anywhere but here! You gotcher statue...

Broadway show....

And museum of Art
All in one convenient location. Just look how convenient!

M&M store: I love you.

Our chocolate glands were salivating. But did we actually buy anything at either chocolate store? Ah- no. So we stopped at a little cafe touting this peice of yum:

We didn't think there was anything in Times Square that could top all that chocolate.

Next up: not Times Square


Kelly D. said...

Ooh, so fun! I'm dying for a trip to NYC!!! I've never been . . .

And I just watched the old episode of Project Runway where they had to raid the Hershey store for materials to make a dress! Looks like it really is as much fun as I imagine :)

Rachelle Van Wagoner said...

AWWW...I LOVE New York! That picture of you kissing the yellow M&M is awesome!

Leah Southwick said...

Amazing trip! It sounds like you had sooooo much fun and your pictures are great!

Megs said...

I am seriously seriously seriously jealous. I want a huge hershey bar!!!! :)

The Gardner Trio said...

That looks like such a fun trip! You two both look great by the way! You deserve all the chocolate you can eat!

I still can't believe something that big can be built out of legos! WOW! I really need to go to NEw York!!!