Friday, September 11

3rd Bite

The beginning of our trip is here.

One of the first things we heard on the radio in the shuttle from the airport to our hotel was an ad for a free Whitney Houston concert being held in Central Park to promote her new album. And one of the first things we saw when we walked into Times Square was a bunch of Whitney-sign-sporting dudes handing out tickets.
How convenient, we thought. We were planning on going to Central park that morning anyway!

We arrived about an hour early and saw this:

ONE THIRD of the line in this photo. Wow. I had no idea. Whitney. Huh.

Anyway- so we went back to Plan A: take pictures of oursleves in front of cool fountains.

The family on the right was taking advantage of the awesome acoustics under Terrace Bridge. This place is so gorgeous. The whole time we were there, I was wishing for a bride to shoot.

Do a 180 and this fountain called "The Angel of the Waters" is what you see, more or less (okay- less- but I love this part the best.)

A little further and I was drawn to this pretty spot. Isn't that cozy looking?

We went up.

Then down by the zoo we found jazz kids music. The sax/bass duo was performing "Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes" in this particular photo. We bought their $10 CD thinking we were in for more of the same. It's cute, but not jazz. Just some generic Latin guitar stuff. At least the Hokey Pokey is on it, though. Big hit with Mia when we got home. (Because when you're three the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about, tongue-in-cheek T-shirt or not.)

After a very enjoyable stroll, we made our way back to Times Square to hopefully buy tickets to a show for that night. On our way we stopped to buy me some flip-flops because my "good walking shoes" were giving me blisters on my pinkie toes of all places. Strawberry is the best store for starving students in New York, I tell ya! I finally replaced my Wal-Mart drill-sergeant hat!

And found a nice place to document my love for my new hat. Oh, and the guy next to me also had a little to do with this shot... you like the facefuzz he grew just for me so we wouldn't get mugged? Aww.

Another fun distraction on the way to the line...

We finally made it to the TKTS line around 1:00. I was the last one to get a seat on the cement divider they have between the red-steps and the sidewalk. The line grew quickly after me. During the two hours between arrival and booth opening, I got info about shows and prices while Zach went to see if there was a place that sold Crocs. I'm not a flip-flop girl, and I knew I'd pay a price if I tried to become one that day. You guys? Zach is such a cool husband. Especially when on vacation and he only has his wife to think about- woot!

My view from the TKTS line

Under extreme high pressure to make a decision once I reached the ticket booth, I settled on Mary Poppins because the other two we wanted to see were just too darned expensive, even at 40% off.

So we headed off to 5th Avenue, and said good-bye once more to Times Square. But not before we saw this guy running for mayor.
Zach tells me I missed the little muscle show he put on for me after I took this shot. I was already looking at something else. Oh darn.

Next leg: How not to get to the Met


Cherry Tree said...

That LOVE statue thingy use to by at BYU for years. How funny that you saw the naked cowboy!

Mitchell Family said...

Oh I'm so jealous... I have wanted to go back to NY for a couple years now. That was supposed to be our big 5 yr anniversary, but low and behold I got pregnant. I couldn't leave a 6 month old while nursing! Looks like you guys are having fun!

Andrea said...

I can't believe it! You actually saw THE Naked Cowboy! I'm so jealous. When I went to NY a few years ago he was a legend and they even were selling bobble-heads of him in some of the souvenir shops in Times Square. But to actually see him....*sigh...the glory of it all. ;)

The Garber Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I would LOVE to see NYC.
Zach's hair looks awesome BTW. Have you been encouraging those curly locks, or is it his idea?
Had a fun talk with him on the phone the other day. OBGYN stuff, eh? I'm sure you don't wanna know :)

Blog Stalker said...

That looks like so much fun. I would so love to gothere myself if it just wasnnt New York d filled with ....well........looks like fun.

Have a great trip!

Williams Tale Overture said...

Looks like fun! You look great by the way!!