Friday, July 31

So That's what Friends are for..

Free stuff!

Okay- I'm just kidding, I'm not just friends with Ally because she gave me free stuff. She's also super smart and creative and nice. So this post is dedicated to her new Etsy shop! I'm not sure what Etsy means, but her shop has the cutest baby blankets for $30. If I ever crocheted a baby blanket, I would have to sell it for much more, because miracles don't come at prices that low these days. So it kind of seems to me that it's a miracle store. And maybe that's what Etsy stands for. Ets y miracle.

Okay, sorry for the very corny post, Ally. I did my best.


Breezi said...

That's awesome.

You have all sorts of crafty and creative friends... you must have done something good in your past life. :)

(Ohh and Debbie wasn't home on Wednesday, I waited around for about 10 minutes and she never showed... at least we tried. I hope you are feeling better. )

Magirk said...

LOL. :-) Thanks so much for the laugh, I really needed it today!

And thanks so much for the Etsy shop plug. You're a true friend! ;-)

Marsie Pants said...

I wish I had a super creative and talented friend that would give me free stuff.

Oh wait....

Kelly D. said...


The Garber Family said...

Those are truly cute cards! I miss my WA card-group days. We'd make about a dozen and the stampin' up person would have all the ideas and paper and stamps all lined up and ready to go for us.