Friday, July 10

The best things in life

We have really lucked out this summer finding awesome things for the kids to do that don't cost anything! Today was a free kids concert at the Village Green park in Powell, right next to the coolest splash pad. Maybe we'll go back when it's not so crowded and I can get some photos. There's a man-made beach about 40 minutes away that we didn't know about until this year. The art museum decided (right after we bought our membership) to open free to the public for the summer. There are incredibly cute parties and storytimes at the libraries (the government is currently deciding how much funding to pull from them-grrrr.) And- I have to mention it again- our yard! (I thought I was grateful for it LAST summer- ha!)

And, when we got to the zoo last Wednesday, they told us to wait 15 minutes and they were going to start admitting for free. Their director just passed away suddenly, and we think that might have had something to do with it. So instead of spending 20+ bucks on admission, we did some fun things we have been passing up!

Also- rocks are free. Anya's fascination with rocks became apparent again while we were there. She can find rocks anywhere she goes and wants to carry them with her, sit on them, put them in her purse, or at the zoo- pat them reverently.

They have some fun inflatables on family nights over by the aquarium- a bounce house, a huge slide, and an obstacle course.

Mia waiting excitedly to freak herself out on the slide.

Check out the face! And she kept going again and again with the same happy anticipation in line and inevitable look of horror on the slide.

I had no idea Mia was so competitive. Her expression as she waits for the obstacle course volunteer to say "Ready, Set, Go!"

In the Zone

But all the free activities really don't do justice to that saying "The best things in life are free." I think MasterCard has coined the right term. The best things in life are priceless.

Sharing the stroller

All three giggling as they humor mommy who said "Give your sister a kiss!"


Cherry Tree said...


Kelly D. said...

The pictures of your budding geologist cracked me up!

You guys know how to have FUN!

Megs said...

awwww looks like it was a blast! I think it's hilarious Bree is so obsessed with rocks. Funny how quickly we start to wonder what our kids want to be when they are older. Maybe it isn't rocks she will get into..but a rock group! singing! or...maybe she will be a ROCKet scientist. Or go to the moon to collect rocks. Or.... maybe she is just 2 years old and likes rocks. :) haha You should give her a pet rock. haha There is an idea!! Get some rocks and paint them and glue little pieces of fuzz on them. Let them make their own pet rocks! haha :) Pictures.

Summer said...

I am TOTALLY going to let them make pet rocks now.

Leah Southwick said...

Sooo cute! I love the kissing picture!

Tulsi said...

The rock thing is so funny and the kiss is so cute.

Magirk said...

Awesome pictures! Especially that last one of them all kissing. :-)

Princess got her face painted like a zebra (her WHOLE face) at last week's local Scottish Festival. She thought it was the best thing ever!

I'm glad you all are having all this fun. Keep up the good work!

(I can't believe how big your girls appear to be getting! Is it just me, or are they getting bigger?! I don't really agree with little kids growing up so fast.)