Friday, July 10

Our Biggest Kid- up to date

We've been pretty entertained watching Mia soak up literacy with relative speed for her age. Now that reading isn't quite such a hurdle we're working on handwriting. In our efforts to keep from overwhelming her and having to backtrack again, we are taking smaller steps. When it looked like writing actual letters was frustrating for her, we switched to dot-to-dots. So. As promised, here is the picture of Mia and her first finished workbook with her long awaited award sticker carefully placed on her favorite shirt.

But I have to admit, observing her academic progress isn't nearly as entertaining as hearing her unique brand of "cleverness" that make us grateful her IQ is still as underdeveloped as she is.

Mia sits down to her snack: "Mmm! Bananas with peanut butter! That'll keep me busy for awhile!"

"Mim, that's not going to taste the same as when you put it in your V8."
She takes a drink after demanding to put salt in her juice, "Actually, that's delicious, blink, blink buuuuut, uh, I'm not thirsty anymore."

Wraps the measuring tape over one arm, around her torso and under her leg, looks very closely at the numbers and declares, "I am 25 degrees, exactly."

Stands next to our computer chair, "I'm so big mom. Look, I'm as tall as this chair! This is a big chair! I'm really big!"

"Please eat your meat too, Mim."
She takes a bite, realizes it's kind of hard to chew, and spits it back out. "I don't like it, Mom."
"Well, what if you hide it under your potatoes and carrots?" I say almost rhetorically- there's no way she'd ever go for th-
Piles some potatoes on top and eats it.

Usually tricks like that only work once. But I had to try it again the next day when she announced she wouldn't eat her zucchini.
"Hey, Mim- why don't you close your eyes so you can't see it? I'll feed it to you, k?"
Closes her eyes, opens wide, and eats every bite.

I'd always been a little cautious while adding water to her juice cup (doin' that half water, half juice thing.) My friend does the 50-50, too and was pouring juice for the kids- but started with the juice. Her daughter reached for it and she said "Wait, I still need to add the water." My ears perked up to hear what Mia would think. Did she know I always put water in her cup? Was this the end of our juice/water?
"It's okay Abby!" she piped up as her little friend grew impatient, "That way you get more!"

Everytime she sees landscapers on the job: "Look Mom! They're lawning today!"

Playing with the twins: "It sure is nice to have two sisters named Anya and one named Bree."


Magirk said...

Hahaha! :-D I love it!

Congrats to her on the reading and writing. Certainly IS a big girl!

This post is waaaay better than a boring post about my Etsy shop. ;-)

(BTW, your package went out this morning - look for it after the weekend. I hope you like it!)

Megs said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha :) I LOVE Miaisms. And apparently you weren't too sneaky with the water thing if she figured out "she gets more" :) haha awww I hope I can come out to see you guys!!!!

cari said...

I love the things kids come up with. What cutie. Good job on the reading and writing thing.

Melissa said...

She sure is cute. What a sweetheart. I like to add ice to my juice so is that kind of like the 50/50 thing? I'll pass on the salt though.

Leah Southwick said...

So cute! What a sweetheart.

Britney said...

How old is Mia and when did she start reading? I like the dot to dot alternative idea.

The Garber Family said...

She is so cute and smart!
I LOVE all her little Mia-isms. Keep those catalogued for later enjoyment!