Monday, May 11

Just bare-ly newsworthy

My first homemade jam.

Bree's new daily trick.

Hee hee.


Breezi said...

I'll take one of those jars of jam off of your hands.... with a fresh loaf of bread please. :)

Nice dimples on Bree. :)

RhondaLue said...

you BOTH performed a nice trick today!!!!!!!!! lol
rock on you two!

Kelly D. said...

Ah, the fine art of streaking. Bree has got is DOWN!

Marsie Pants said...

That jam looks amazing!! I wish I could make jam that looked that appetizing. Maybe it's the decorative jars. You're so talented. I wish I could be you.

Mitchell Family said...

Good for you for doing jam! I reall want to try this year considering I have a apple, pear and cherry tree in myback yard! ANd cute picture of your naked butt girl!

Amandean said...

I guess you don't want to come to my jam party next month:( Maybe I'll still invite you anyway.