Thursday, May 21


Happy Birthday, Zach!

We decided we weren't going to spend money on birthday gifts to each other this year (our b-days are four days apart) because we're going to this COSI Egyptian dinner event we signed up for next weekend. (I figured we might as well make the most of the Ancient Egypt theme going on in Columbus this year. After our Egypt-themed preschool lesson, we went back to the "To Live Forever" exhibit at the art museum for our field trip. Pretty entertaining.)

So anyway. Fate seemed to agree with our no-spending gift plan. Zach's first birthday present was a four-person effort, a nice new shiny blue and black....

you guessed it...

possibly broken toe.

No pictures, to protect the weak of constitution.

I'll give you a play by play. The five competitors were Bree, Anya, me, and Zach vs. Zach's little toe. I started changing Bree's poopy diaper too early, and ended up with one of those piles where you sit there and catch it thinking there will just be a little left, so you don't get another diaper on her, because what a waste, but then you realize it just isn't stopping, so you make your husband run to grab some paper towels. One of those. Then Anya came in from the sideline and just as Zach ran to keep her bare little baby foot from landing right in the pile, he kicked my ankle with his little toe. (Good save, by the way, hon. Sorry I wasn't watching the other kid.) My ankle must know Tai Kwon Do, because it perfectly deflected all of the momentum (and pain) and transferred it in its entirety to the approaching enemy: Little Zach Toe. A worthy opponent- it did take the combined efforts of four people to bring about it's ultimate undoing.

Present #1.

Somehow, the stars aligned and I was able to wake up with the first crow of the first kid, before Zach, so he got to sleep in for once. Present #2

Mia wrote "I Love You Dad" and gave him his card when he woke up and limped downstairs, and we had a yummy breakfast. #3

Zach got to help cook his own birthday dinner because I don't have a very good relationship with our barbeque grill. Or meat for that matter. #4

He got to eat his wonderful birthday dinner outside with some annoying fruit flies because the kids had already eaten and were having so much fun in the swimming pool, we knew it would just be more hassle to try to bring them in. #5

I'm hoping fortune is as fickle as they say, or I'm in for a doozy of a b-day.

Um- Happy Birthday, Hon. No- really.


Marsie Pants said...

AND you got to add two more kids to the mix! Lucky guy.

Breezi said...

Wow! That was a special Birthday!
Happy Birthday- Indeed!

The Garber Family said...

Awesome curly locks on that guy!

Sorry about Zach's toe... sounds like a killer.

Leah Southwick said...

What a memorable birthday! I hope Zach's toe gets better soon. Happy birthday Zach and happy birthday to you, too, Sum.

RhondaLue said...

dang those lil toes! I break at least one at least once/yr. I'm sorta tired of them sticking out all of a sudden and smashing into things. Totally gets on mynerves.

Anyway happy bday you two!!!!!!!!!