Friday, February 6

Because I'm such a joiner

If you are on Facebook, you have probably been tagged by at least 10 people to do this "25 random things about me." Because I've waited so long to do it, I'm sure I don't have any friends who haven't already been tagged, but we'll see if there are any people out there left still fighting this pseudo cult.

1) I once lost a contact from keeping my eyes open on the back of a bullet bike doing 100 mph on 1300 E. in Sandy. Speed limit: 35.

2) When I was a kid I regularly thought up names for twin girls, including one for me named Winter. Because for some reason there were two photos of me on the wall, we tried to convince my cousin Rachelle that Winter actually existed. I would dress up in different outfits, and make entrances and exits from different places. I think she kind of believed it for about 30 seconds.

3) Someone showed me how Skittles are better when you taste the whole rainbow at once, and now that's the only way I’ll eat them. If there are no purples or greens or whatevers left, I usually give the package to someone else to finish, or chuck it.

4) I can’t keep plants alive, especially since I had kids (which I can keep alive- how nice.)

5) Archery is probably my best sport. No running involved, no balls flying at my face. I have pretty good aim.

6) I am always covered in at least three bruises, and can never figure out how I got them.

7) When I became a mom, I was told my pain threshold is really high. I think it might explain the inexplicable bruises.

8) Chocolate will be my ultimate undoing.

9) Favorite color is clear, and I won’t take any flack about it.

10) Each of the handful of times I’ve met women taller than me I was so disoriented I kind of felt uncomfortable. Somehow, my family members don’t have the same effect.

11) I’ve always wished I were shorter. At least 5’ 10” would be nice. Clothes shopping is what usually reminds me. But it is kind of funny that my size 12 makes me look like a stick, compared to a short person’s size 12.

12) My wedding ring is in my jewelry box so I won’t lose it. So is all of my other jewelry. I wear one of the plain bands to look married.

13) You probably can’t offend me. But, uh- I’m not issuing a challenge or anything…

14) I hate dogs, won’t touch reptiles, and can’t squish bugs with tissue.

15) I’ll wipe perfect stranger’s baby’s drool off with my bare hands to get a good picture.

16) My hair has been cut boy short twice and grown below the strap three times in the last eight years, and I’m not sure what color it really is.

17) I’m the world’s worst multi-tasker. And no, having twins hasn’t helped.

18) I once started an elbow judging contest. For some reason a lot of people cared all of the sudden what I would rate their elbows on a scale of 1 to 10. Probably had something to do with the palpable lack of anything else to do.

19) Every one of my Facebook friends from the past is someone I’ve thought of at least a few times over the years and wondered how they were doing- even those who weren’t close friends.

20) Strangers ask me if I’m from California, Washington, Canada, England, Utah, Wisconsin/ Minnesota area, because of how I talk. I don’t think I have any kind of accent whatsoever. Once a guy on a subway in New York knew my sister and I were Mormon because of our hair- and we didn’t even have the bob or anything. (Has anyone else from Utah dealt with this?)

21) When I was working at Olan Mills Kids, at least once a week strangers asked if I had kids. I was 18. They meant it as a friendly conversational starter, but it always annoyed my insecure self to no end.

22) I can’t leave the house with the girls without hearing some variation of the phrase “you’ve got your hands full.” I’m not kidding- EVERY TIME we’re in public. It hasn’t been annoying though, probably because so far I only hear it from smiling people when the girls are being good. It's a nice change from the old check-to-see-if-she's-wearing-heels glance that used to be the norm.

23) I’m seriously considering homeschooling if we can’t get Mia into a good school. (I’ve only heard bad things about the district we’re in now, so Kindergarten is definitely going to be at home.) I have dreams of traveling to visit places instead of just reading about them. “Home”schooling will be a very loose term for us if that’s what we end up doing. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a good high school, though. Zach will be done with residency, and we’ll be able to choose where we live.

24) Zach and I both want to live away from noise. We’re pretty tired of being at the mercy of inconsiderate neighbors for peace and quiet.

25) 99% of my talents are pointless. I learned how to flawlessly and simultaneously crack two eggs into a bowl because of Little House on the Prairie.


cari said...

Summer- you should seriously write books. I love reading anything that you have to say. Thanks for the fun facts.

Amandean said...

Pointless talents, oh super-soprano? Sure. And that's so funny about people checking if you are wearing heels. I never would have thought of that. You are too clever. A couple of things: past the strap? You mean like below the braline? I know, you don't want to say bra in public. And where on 1300 East? I grew up a little east of there.

The Garber Family said...

This was fun to read.
I'll have to have you judge my elbows sometime.
And I still need help with my blog.
And I just BARELY today took the quiz about you on Zach's blog from September.
Oh, and you have your hands full!

Kelly D. said...

The Summer/Winter set of twins has me giggling. Very creative!

I get the hands full comment a lot, too. I don't mind because it's true!

RhondaLue said...

That was so fun to read!
::hiding elbows::

So the winter twin was hilarious and very original.

I get the "hands full" comment but usually when the kids are naughty and I totally feel judged. STOP JUDGING ME PEOPLE! I HAVE FULL HANDS!

You'd be a great homeschoolin' teacher!

The Waits Gate said...

You're nuts! You have amazing talents! They are not pointless in no way shape or form.
Isn't nice to have kids that people smile at? I never realized it till I went to the grocery without them and the people didn't smile at me or make conversation anymore. You'd really make people stare if you did wear high heels! That'd be great!