Saturday, September 17

So many ifs

We're only three days away from our closing date. The seller is taking forever to fix a cracked window. Our lender is taking forever to decide if we have specific enough documentation about our student loan repayment plan.

We have no idea if we'll really end up living in this house. When I walked into the first house that fell through, I was convinced we'd be living there- I could picture us there and didn't even think it was possible we wouldn't. This house (and none of the others we looked at since the last one) has never had that same feeling. Neither Zach or I can picture ourselves actually living there.

The good thing is we really don't care what happens. If this house doesn't go through, we're just going to rent. Costs quite a bit more, but whatever- at least it's an option!

Hopefully we'll know in three days how and when this will end.


Durante said...

I'm in the same boat when looking at buying a house, totally frustrating, I am waiting it out though, I want a place I can paint a little... and garden a lot.

Hollie said...

Good luck. May your life be somewhat stabilized in the next 3 days.

Leah Southwick said...

Here's hoping things fall into place for you and whatever happens turns out to be wonderful!