Sunday, September 4

Mia's turn

While we were in Utah for a wedding and Zach's vacation time, we celebrated Mia's birthday a few weeks early so her cousins could attend. Anya and Bree had their party at Chuck-E-Cheese in Ohio, and Mia has been reminding us ever since that she will have a Chuck-E-Cheese party when it's her birthday.

Watching patiently.
I can't tell if she's picking her nose in this shot, but I wanted to show her cute accidental hair-do.

She'd been waiting to see this mouse since April...

She'd been such a good sport during the twins' birthday- it was fun to see her finally enjoy her turn.

That night Mia decided, as I was putting them all to bed, to use her birthday money to go to Build-A-Bear. She could have gotten a spectacular animal with a ton of accessories had she decided to go alone. But she decided out loud- right in front of the twins- who, when they heard the name of the store, immediately assumed they were going, too. She told the twins they could decorate the new jewelry box she had been given. I knew she’d been very excited to do that and asked her if she really didn’t mind them doing it for her. She looked worried that I wouldn’t let them do it and said through mounting tears that it wasn’t fair if she got to do something fun and they were left home with nothing fun to do, too. Then she figured out that she had enough money for them all to get basic bears and at least one shirt. Her mind was set- they’d divide her birthday money equally and then they’d all be happy.

That's the second time she's paid for her sisters to go to Build-A-Bear... the last time she only had enough money for one bear and had decided to let Anya have it. We found some coupons that made it so she had enough for all three. ;)

There are a million reasons I'm proud of her, but her generosity has stood out to me this week. Love my girl.


Rachelle VDub said...

She is SOOOO darling!!!

Brookie Biggers said...

Awwwwweee what a good girl! way cute post :0)