Thursday, March 17

Our Lucky Day

Last night we set a trap to catch a leprechaun. It was just tall enough so that he couldn't climb out. We put in gold and chocolate to make him go in there. It turned out that the chocolate wasn't such good idea, since his hands got sticky enough to help him climb right out.
He left a note, and his teeny handprint is on there! He left the wrappers on the floor with chocolate on them. He gave us kites. Mine is a butterfly, Anya's is Tinkerbell, and Bree's is a dragon. (They chose these when they were on sale for Christmas at Costco. Zach was worried we'd come downstairs and find them fighting over which kite was whose, but so far they've never had a problem with that. So far... ;D)

Green shamrock pancakes! (They decided not to put on the green mint jelly I bought especially for them. Wonder why...)

Grandma sent a fun St. Patty's Day packages with lots of green and lots of sugar!!

The girls with their kites and the little leprechaun on the floor.

Match day was also today! We got there at 11 this morning and found out our new city at noon. We got our first choice, and we're thrilled!! We had Utah ranked first for a while, but realized our housing would be pretty bad since you have to live fifteen minutes from the U, and the program there isn't really a good fit. Ever since the interview, neither of us felt good about it, but we went ahead and ranked it second because being close to family has been such a priority. We don't think six hours is too bad, though. :)


Diane said...

how fun! So where are you going?!?!?!?

Lisa said...

That was me mom was signed on my computer.


Summer said...

Las Vegas! :)

cari said...

I love the shamrock pancakes.
So Vegas huh? Congrats. Glad you can move back west for awhile.

Russ said...

How did you do the little hand prints? That is so cute. Oh and Congrats on VEGAS! It'll be fun to have you guys closer!

Megs said...

Hahaha so cute :) Love the hand print idea!
Excited you will be moving to Vegas. Already planning on visiting you guys :) Maybe come out and help you move in??

Summer said...

Holli- I used the little rounded end of a paint brush dipped in melted chocolate! Just drew it on.

Nog- YAYYYY come out and stay as long as you like!!! We're not sure we'll actually be able to move out together. A lot of lenders require a first paycheck to approve a loan, (we need a loan for a down payment :b) so he might have to move all our stuff an put it in storage and work a couple of weeks, then get approved, then get a house before we can go. We might have to lease an apartment or something for a few months... who knows. We'll get there eventually, haha.

Maureen said...

What an original, clever St. Patrick's Day surprise! Those little handprints were so perfect, I thought you must have found a stamp! Congratulations to Zach on matching his first choice! Hope you guys can stand the heat down there. Sounds like you're planning on buying a house in Las Vegas?

Leah Southwick said...

Super cute St. Patrick's day tradition and CONGRATULATIONS on your match!

Amandean said...

Ahhhhh, the eternal question. To move out and buy immediately, or get to know the area for a little while first. We've always ended up getting to know the area first, but that was because the first time, we'd just barely graduated, and the second time we 1) wanted to build and 2) still hadn't sold the previous residence. It is nice to get a better idea of where you want to live based on where you spend the most time, but moving is such a pain that it would be nice to do it as little as possible. Let us all know!

Rachelle VDub said...

Congratulations you guys!!! That is awesome that he got his first pick!!! Much luck to you guys as you figure out the house situation!!!

Love the little leps handprints...that is darling.