Saturday, April 3

Mia's first "performance"

A few months ago, Mia started taking violin lessons from our awesome friend Maury Bevan. I thought it would be good incentive for her to practice if she knew she was going to perform a song for her friends, so I organized a little talent show with our homeschooling group. After hauling a bunch of stuff and kids to an unforseen hassle getting into the library meeting room, I didn't have time to plug in our battery-dead video camera, and hadn't brought my camera either. So I took a picture of her in our backyard when we got home to commemorate the event.
She played as well as you'd expect a four-year-old beginner to play I suppose- right up to the second to last note. Trying to figure out that missing note took as much time (it seemed) as the rest of the song had taken, but eventually, she got it. :)

This morning was the ward's Easter party. Such a fun time!! They had an Easter hunt for all the kids, divided into different age-groups (so thoughtful!) and a pancake breakfast that magically didn't involve the usual line-up of everyone in the ward. I'm not sure how they pulled that off- but it was awesome. Oh, wait- Zach got the food. My magic Zach. ;D

"Ring around the rosie!" with our buddy Abby!

Great violin lessons in Gahanna, Ohio!! Call Maury Bevan! I'll give you her number! ;D


Marsie Pants said...

Yay, Mia! I'm so proud of my student and I really wish I could have seen her!! Bummer. Do it again so I can see it.

Amandean said...

I'm so impressed that you have a 4-year-old playing the violin! It's really too bad we missed the ward party, but it was Luke's last swim lesson and he'd already missed one due to strep/double ear infection.