Thursday, April 8


Here's our Easter weekend in a nutshell:
Easter Sunday- If it weren't for a guideline we gave Mia on the indoor egg hunt, to leave the ones on the floor for the twins to find, Anya and Bree wouldn't have found more than one or two. Mia found most of the eggs outside so quickly, the twins started just pointing them out to her because they figured it was her job to clean them up. ;D
Didn't matter in the end- every egg got dumped into one big basket and put where only Mom and Dad could reach them. *burp* I love how they are all too young to worry about who gets what. Enjoying that while it lasts. ;D

We headed over to our friends' house for an Easter sitting with their new little chick. They think they're weird for getting chickens. Don't worry guys- I think raising chickens is actually in vogue right now. Yes, I just used "chickens" and "vogue" in a sentence.
I know Bree would love it if we could jump on that wagon. The girl wasn't just enamored- she was obsessed. She kept calling to little Aurora (the chick,) "Chicken? Chicken! Chicken!!" like she expected it to come peeping over to her. She would have loved, held, and squeezed the first egg out of Aurora had she been given the chance.
All three girls were really enchanted by the little ball of fuzz. Toward the end they seemed to understand that they couldn't squeeze her, and we trusted them to just touch her gently while we got some shots. When it was time for chicken to go to bed, Bree lost it.

Monday- We went to Slate Run Historical Living Farm and watched the first sheep shearing of the year. The girls got to pet a little lamb. Bree found another chicken to beckon.
Mia spent a lot of time patting horses. I caught a glimpse of her face as she finished patting a huge work horse they were returning to the stable. She turned away and sighed contentedly, looking positively radiant. I can't think of a better word to describe her expression. This is a girl who screams when house cats move toward her. Who hides behind me when she sees dogs approaching a hundred yards away. But she'll stand at the feet of this 1800 pounds of animal, and jump up to pat it's muzzle.

It was so fun for me to see my girls' unbridled affection for all these creatures- their yearning to nurture and adore. Even counting the General Conference we DVR'd, it was the most pagan of Easters I've ever experienced. Made me want to have a baby. Well, now- that's handy.


Lara said...

How fun! Isn't it great that other people have farms and own animals lol

Duncan said...

Well, of course, she is not afraid of abnormally tall things! Think about it... Makes sense to me.

Summer said...

Bahaha Steph!! xD

Amandean said...

Yay for Slate Run. We went last Friday to see the sheep shearing and had much fun. Well, Luke and I did anyway. Keira just chilled in the stroller because she was too afraid to get close to any animals. Even the lambs. Seriously. But she did enjoy the tree swing.

Marsie Pants said...

I 4-year-old patient told me the other day that it was weird to have pet chickens. I think I'm going to trust her more than you.

Maureen said...

So adorable! That was almost as good as a webcam visit. (I save my off-Sundays for a blog check). You find some of the most delightful places to visit.