Saturday, February 20

Tick. Tock.

I don't think I've ever been so anxious to find out the gender of a baby. I'm not sure if it's because I already have three girls running around, because I'm kind of bored with this snow and would like to get busy preparing, because my back is acting up more than the other pregnancies and knowing who's coming might make the wait feel a little more worth the pain?

The ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday. We're bringing Mia along- who seems just as excited as I am to find out what is in there exactly. Maybe her excitement is just rubbing off on me.

The other day she was trying to come up with names. When all she could think of were names of her siblings and friends, she said "maybe you'd better name it, mom."

Choosing a name, on the other hand, is something I'm not looking forward to at all. We spend so much time on it- and always realize that whether or not we like a name can vary depending on the day. Zach was completely against "Anya" when I first mentioned it. The next time I brought it up, he was all over it. And then, a few months after they were born, he kept wondering to me if we named them wrong- if Bree should really be Anya and vice-versa.

Sometimes I catch myself looking at them and wondering "Are you really a Mia? Did I choose right? How on earth was I supposed to know what you'd be like from day one?"

Maybe we'll be those weird parents who let their kid choose their own name when they're five. Just call it "baby" until it decides it wants to be called "Peek-a-boo." We'll just change the spelling so it seems more like a real name.


Kelly D. said...

Ooh, exciting! Naming is a hard thing (especially if you have to keep doing the same gender over and over again). We have friends who let their kids name younger siblings. They have a child named (and I'm not kidding) Superstar 5 Jamima. I bet your girls could come up with something equally delightful if they put their heads together!!!

Gravyboy said...

Superstar 5 Jamima! Wow! And here I thought MoonUnit and Dweezil were stand-outs! ;)

We didn't select our two's names until they were born---not from intent, we had short lists of names going, but couldn't seem to pinpoint the "right" ones until they arrived. :)

Best wishes to you!

Breezi said...

hahahaha. I just cracked up at your post.
Chip has a cousin that got adopted when he was about Alli's age. He didn't like his old name (he was removed from a bad home.....) and so Chip's aunt and uncle said that he could pick any name that he wanted to be called by, so he could have a fresh start.
He chose: Waldo. (There Where's Waldo books were all the rage).

I always get naming remorse after the kids are 6 months old.

Chip and I seem to have a hard time picking out names for these two boys! We have a million girls names that we LOVe, but the boy names just don't seem to flow very naturally to us.
Maybe just Kohrman #3 and Kohrman #4 would be suitable names.

Marsie Pants said...

Can I name your baby? That would solve your problems.

RhondaLue said...

Name it a season.. autumn, spring, anything but summer. *snicker*

I'm so excited for you! Please update the blog asap. I know it is totally your first priority! (or just FB from the dr's office, lol!)

p.s. I've heard Rhonda is a great name for a girl...but I think the name carries bad luck with it. ;)

Michelle said...

I love picking names! Although I do wonder somedays had we chosen one of the other names for our children would they be different..right now my biggest regret is from Edward..truly it was night from Twilight Jason did not like Elijah(i Really wanted the nickname Eli). But it is easier to just say yes it is from the series then to explain my reasoning.Ironically enough in Zoe's sunday school class the lesson dealt with their names and why they were chosen..made me ponder all of the kids names! Good luck and no matter what names or no names your kids will be great!

Erika said...

Choosing names is that hardest! I don't envy the task! Good luck.

Amandean said...

I think it's kind of fun to name kids, but Dean vetoes everything, so it is difficult for us. By the way Breezi, I have a friend with two boys who calls them Boy One and Boy Two. You could just do that!

The Waits Gate said...

Good luck! I'm so glad that we're done with that game! I love Mia's solution! My boys were so disappointed they didn't get to name their brother. I told them they could as long as I could help name their children. They wouldn't go for it.

Zicker said...

Hmmm- Waldo Van Wagoner. Has a ring to it. We'll call him Wally for short.

Rachelle said...

SOOOOO exciting!!! Cant wait to hear what baby is!!!

Leah Southwick said...

I can't wait to hear!

kecia said...

how funnhy! I am glad you left a comment! I think I am going to feel the same anticipation with our next baby too because we have 3 girls too...good luck waiting!