Friday, February 26

Ohhhhh boy.

So. A lot of things we've never thought about have come up since we found out yesterday there's a boy on the way. And some stuff that we have thought about, but not really dared to ruminate on too long.

I found a dirt-cheap/high-quality little boy outfit in Italy and bought it in perfect confidence that someday soon I'd be putting it into good use. Not an inkling did I have that it would hang unworn amidst a closet full of fancy dresses for the next ten years! That will be fun to dust off.

Until we found out Mr. Boy is on the way, I'd never thought about participating in Boy Scouts. (Actually, I'd never thought about Girl Scouts!) Zach is playing guitar for a scout meeting tonight. Scouts. Huh.

We're having an ongoing circumcision/no circumcision discussion.

I'm glad that, just in case the next was a boy, we bought one of the twins' crib sets in green. And I'm glad that onesies are gender neutral.

I'm going to have to completely reconsider my modesty-in-the-home policies.

We've never really taken our boy name options seriously. We've been completely convinced about three different boy names during the last pregnancies, and later asked ourselves what the heck we were thinking. I really don't like boy names! Neither Zach nor I even like "Zachary" that much! Trouble. The name-himself option might actually be on the table. ;)

I'm going to be a son's mom, and Zach will be a son's dad. I've not even figured out the daughter's mom part yet.

What if this boy has straight hair? I'm okay cutting Zach's curly hair, my mistakes get covered up and grow out in a day or two. I can trim Anya's and Bree's straight long hair without too many obvious problems. But little-boy straight hair? We might become Cookie Cutter customers if I don't get a lot better at hair cutting.

These are just things that have come to mind in the last day. I'm sure we'll be plenty surprised by what we didn't think of once the kid is here.


Breezi said...

It's WEIRD huh?? Just when you think things may be figured out.. POOF.. the heavens open up and give you new things to think about.

I decided to let Chip handle the whole 'snip the tip' debate. I figure that he's a guy, he probably knows what's best when it comes to guy things.

(And yeah, I think the name we discussed at Debbie's house is off our table... so feel free to use it and love it. :D)

Breezi said...

Ohh and if you want to practice giving hair cuts, maybe check out volunteering at the pound... lol. ... you could be a groomer and learn all sorts of fun tricks :)

Kelly D. said...

Ooh, so exciting! New territory!

The scouting bit made me laugh. That has been a running joke between me and my husband. He HATED being a Boy Scout. At every single one of our ultrasounds, he'd breathe a sigh of relief and say, "Whew! No scouting!"

Summer said...

Well now, I know why we had a boy, i guess! Zach liked scouts! haha

Duncan said...

20 Good things about boys:

1. their diapers are *much* easier and faster to change,
2. scouting is fun,
3. outdoor pottying is a breeze,
4. they like cars and guns (easy),
5. different is good,
6. usually they are less emotional,
7. when he gets bigger he can move things for you (saves your back),
8. Zack can take him to the football games instead of you,
9. they wear pants (usually),
10. they like to get dirty and find critters,
11. they have longer eye lashes,
12. they get ready faster,
13. they are cheaper (until they start to drive),
14. they adore their mothers,
15. color coordinating is simple (everything matches blue jeans),
16. they only need one (or maybe two) pairs of shoes,
17. Zack will get lots of practice sewing things (legs),
18. you will get lots of practice sewing things (pant legs),
19. they don't need accessories,
20. they like to "fix" things.


Erika said...

yeah, the scouting thing is a big deal. That one didn't hit me for a while.

I cut my husband's hair and I'm pretty apprehensive about cutting my boy's hair now. I hope he likes the electric razor...

You won't have to worry about modesty-in-home for at least the first 2 years.

Boy names are HARD. We went back and forth the whole pregnancy.

The reason I chose to go with circumcision: my mom works for medical billing and she says she sees TONS of bills for OLD MEN getting circumcisions for health reasons. I figured I'd save my boy the memory. But I will say that it was sad to see it afterwards. I'm just glad I didn't have to be in the room. Now it's totally fine.

Lisa said...

All I have to say is DEFINITELY the circumcision; it will save him a lot of grief and humiliation in life! How fun for you guys though; boys are so much fun!!!!!!

The Waits Gate said...

plus you don't have to worry about him sitting on the potty in public places! I was always thankful to be potty training a boy in a public place shoot aim score! NO touching required! And not much dangling over the pot!( however getting that thing to point down when their at home and WANT to sit was a bit of an issue)
and scouting IS a different world, but if you stick around 8 more years it sounds like their troop will be a lot of fun!

The Garber Family said...

You're going to be great. I love all my kids equally, but I'm discovering a different type of love for boys and girls. With my girls it's like -- fun and bows and dress-up and dry the tears and bake together and talk about feelings love. With my boy it's like energetic and sporty and taking-care-of-this-little-dude-that's-a-miniature-of-my-husband-whom-I-love love.
Circumcision was harder than I thought it would be. Because I felt like it was kind of elective. But in the end, we decided it was best to be more like his dad for all those peeing in the great outdoors camping experiences. And cleanliness. But I'm sure Zach has some important information about it that I don't know about.

Amandean said...

Well, the circumcision question is a hard one. I had never seen one done until recently (at COSI's health exhibit). If we had another boy, we would probably do it again since we did Luke, but if we were starting over again, I don't know if I would. As far as cutting hair, electric clippers are a mom's best friend. On the patio.

Erin said...

No worries Summer. From what I hear from all my friends who have both, boys are easier...and from what I've seen so far with my son, he really hasn't been to bad.

As far as the hair thing goes..two words...electric clippers. Evan's hair is totally straight and the hair starts getting too long I just give him a buzz. Apparently boys aren't too worried about their hair for quite awhile, so pretty much through most of elementary school, that will probably be an option for you.

Brooke.Serial.Scrapper said...

OH YA!!!! Everyone I know right now that is prego is having a boy! Literally 5 different girls are having beautiful baby boys. I'm way excited for you, after having 3 little boys myself I know you will LOVE ALL OF IT! As for the haircut thing, I finally gave in and started talking my kiddos to the "barber shop." Otherwise I completely butch it IT'S HARD! Congrats Summer (and family)

Stacy said...

congratulations! boys are fun. jackson is ten times easier than my girls...different things to worry about but no drama.