Thursday, December 24

The stockings are hung!

The children were nestled all snug in their high chairs

and fell right asleep because we thought we'd skip their afternoon nap.
They usually stay up giggling every night until 10, so we figured...


Well, anyway- Merry Christmas Eve! Thanks to Grandma for our Christmas pj's and SNUGGIES!! (Zach had- not an hour earlier- been lamenting the fact that he didn't get me a Snuggie for Christmas. Yeah, I'm one of THOooooose wives. Always messing with the thermostat. :)

We're so excited for our first Christmas at home! We'll miss everyone- but man it has been nice to not worry about packing up and shipping out.

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!


Cherry Tree said...

Looks like y'all are feeling better! I'm glad. Merry Christmas!!!

Breezi said...

You guys look fantastic :)
Merry Christmas!

Tulsi said...

Adorable jammies. Mikele got a snuggie from a friend because they all make fun of them. Mikele found 4 bracelets the same at Buckle kind of as friendship bracelets. And comes home with a snuggie. The other two friends are out of town. I have one of THOSE husbands. Mik has been wearing her leopard snuggie all day.

Maureen said...

Oh, sweet babies! Oops, you're going to have more snuggies than you'll know what to do with soon. Oh well, another redundant Christmas!
Loved that Christmas "card"!

RhondaLue said...

Awesome pictures! What a beautiful and SNUGGLI family you have!

Brooke.Serial.Scrapper said...

Hope you had a great holliday hun! Your girls look adorable in their matching jammies! :0)