Wednesday, December 16

Christmas all over the place

So it's been a while since the last one. Everything seems to hit at once, doesn't it? My busiest shooting weekend was followed by a week of the family flu.

Anya started, Bree and Mia followed, and then, after they had spent all week inside doing nothing, they got healthy enough to be bored out of their minds while Mom and Dad sat incapacitated on the couch (between trips to the bathroom.)

I still haven't been sick from morning sickness- just kind of mnyeh.

We visited the Santa at Alum Creek Fantasy of Lights. I wondered if we would meet any surprise fears of bearded dudes in red suits. The girls waited so patiently, and when they finally got to go into Santa's "house" they weren't scared at all. Mia jumped up onto his lap and Anya followed suit. Bree got stuck on the reindeer next to him, but seemed happy as anything. I figured we wouldn't try and do them individually this year- seeing how Mia is the only one who can ask for anything. She asked for a Dora mermaid whose hair she can "do," and makeup on her face. We had already gotten her toy from Santa, and so I had to return it and get the Dora with the hair. It was pretty much exactly as she described- only not a mermaid. It's just a bust of Dora for the tub. I hope she isn't disappointed there's no body...

Our preschool put on a nativity program for a senior home nearby. Mia was the shepherd on the right.

And then performed again for our preschool Christmas party last night. Mia asked if she could be Joseph this time. Nobody in the preschool group wanted to be the angel (Hey! I made that costume! Is it that bad? SOMEbody'd better wear it!) Anya was begging to dress up, so she got to do it. Enjoy!


Kelly D. said...

We got that stomach flu the week of Thanksgiving. It's not pretty when multiple little girls are getting sick everywhere. My washer and dryer worked overtime. My heart goes out to you!

RhondaLue said...

so sorry about all the flu! :( poor babies, and then poor you guys! We've been healthy -crossing fingers and knocking on wood here- for a couple of weeks. Hope it lasts!

Cute nativity!

Samuel said...

I'm glad you haven't been sick , but sorry it was made up for by the whole family getting sick! Not looking forward to sending Austin to nursery and catching all that stuff! Cute Nativity!

Tulsi said...

The little Nativity looks so cute small. One year our son asked for a bowling ball. He was about 3. Out of the blue. I don't think we had ever been bowling then. He didn't get one. But still remembers the Christmas that he didn't get a bowling ball.

The Garber Family said...

I love the pictures of everyone passed out. That's what our Thanksgiving/first week of December looked like, too!