Sunday, November 16

Five Songs

I don't have an MP3 player, but I wanted to do what Kelle's Belles asked and take a turn sharing my favorite songs. I figured my blog playlist was as close as I could get.

"I'm a Believer" by Smash Mouth- Zach, my sisters and I sang a couple Shrek songs at our wedding. We sounded awful, but Shrek still brings back good memories of our fun day.

"Wonderful" by Pablo Conte- surprisingly, this song isn't one of my favorites because of my mission. When I was editing wedding videos for JayLynn Studio, one of the couples wanted this on their "soundtrack," and I thought it worked so beautifully, I put it on our wedding gag reel. I wasn't too happy when Mastercard used it a few years later for kitchen utensils to dance to.

"Orange Colored Sky" NOT by Nat King Cole- My gracious half brother put together an incredible last-minute band for our wedding, and the gal that sang did an incredible job on this number. If there was any way to put the recording of it on here, I would. It was another one that made it onto our wedding video, and has become one of my favorites, despite the fact that it's an oldie.

"Ever Ever After" by Carrie Underwood- Not too hip on her fashion choices, but love her voice. This song, in particular. When I first saw Enchanted I was almost as excited as I was when Little Mermaid enthralled me as a sixth grader. I do not spend money on movies, but as soon as this came out I scheduled a Costco run just to buy it. My dream for a long time was to be a Disney voice or artist. Then I realized that not everything they produced was ahh... wholesome... and kind of got turned off to the entertainment industry in general.

"Keep Holding On" by Avril- hit me hard the first time I heard it, and I could apply it to so many things in my life, it seems like a song I would have commissioned.

So- what are your five latest favorite songs? And why? Leave 'em as a comment, or write a post of your own. I'm curious...


Melissa said...

What - no Hootie and the Blowfish? I completely agree with "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne. The first time I heard it I downloaded it and listened to it on repeat over and over. I love the message.

And why oh why can't they make more movies like Enchanted?

Love your posts.

Marsie Pants said...

Awesome. I'm totally going to do this. Later. Like when I wake up this afternoon.

Kelly D. said...

Ooh! Thanks, Summer! You know, I think I'm going to download "Wonderful" as soon as my husband isn't looking. I got so busted for my little iTunes habit after that post. But I love it!

Sahara said...

I love "Wonderful". It is so finger-snappy.

Tulsi said...

I LOVE Keep Holding On. I first heard it when I was waiting for Mikele at the Orthodontist's office. Steve had been in Afghanistan for a couple of months. That became my Theme Song. I never would that thought that an Averil song would be my Theme Song. I guess that just goes to show you not to judge a person.

Erika said...

5 songs? I don't have an mp3 player either. How about artists?
I love Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban, Pink, David Archuleta, and Collective Soul.

I tagged you. :)

Breezi said...

I actually did this. It took forever, but I did it.
It's posted under the pictures of Alli and I... I don't know if you saw it or not.
I just wanted you to know that it took forever for me to think of my fav 5.

Anyways, yeah.
Happy Thanksgiving.