Saturday, November 22

5 Things

Lucky for you, I got tagged by Erika, and can tell you some really random things about someone I'm assuming you wish you knew more about, or you wouldn't be here (because this blog isn't about three cute little girls or anything.) And now- to appease, somewhat, your burning curiosity:

5 things I was doing ten years ago:
1998? Ugh- any year but 98. Oh, well- here goes.
Getting my belly button pierced
Dating someone who didn't know they were gay
Waiting to hear back from the Rent casting directors after making callbacks
Spending too much money on furniture for my apartment (which is what we still use- TV and all)
Leasing said apartment with a guy I worked with and hating it

Freaky, huh? And, yes, kind of embarrassing. If my life were a fork, I would say I was still on the handle at that point, and the next year turned out to be decision time. I'm still not sure exactly how it happened- but I'm really surprised and relieved by where I've ended up.

5 things on my to-do list today:
rest my disfunctional back
keep Anya alive
keep Bree alive
keep Mia alive
go to bed

5 snacks I like:
dried mango
sourdough toast
apples with peanut butter
cheese sticks
Yoplait Whips

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire:
pay a bumload of tithing
set up a photography studio
buy a house
go back to Sicily and visit some wonderful people
take everyone to Disneyworld

5 places I have lived:
Too close to the airport

5 jobs I have had:
Olan Mills (manager.) (at 18? No wonder they tanked!)

Big B's (shake maker, icecream cone dipper, crappy cashier)
ShopKo (clothing department)
Goliath's (burger joint in SouthTowne mall)
1-800-CONTACTS (thanks to their insurance, and a cool Aflac plan, we got paid to deliver Mia.)

And that, folks, is all you're getting today.


Five people to subject to all kinds of retrospection and humiliation... hmmm.

Kiley (you've been way too spoiled by all this cruise stuff- back to work.)

Ooh, I can't wait!


Marsie Pants said...

I personally like your to-do list the very best. Very ambitious. And I'm not being sarcastic.

Jessica said...

I LOVE reading your blog! You are a fun person to get to know better!!

The Garber Family said...

That is an amazing picture of you! I'm so glad the "fork" led you our direction...
Manager of Olan Mills at 18? Wow!

Breezi said...

I always knew that you were Management material! haha!
(cute picture by the way!!)

I love ShopKo! (they still have one open in my home town.)

Your to-do list sounds grand! Just substitute names and It sounds like mine :o) (don't worry... I didn't copy)

Breezi said...

the Puzzle Master is on the air at WOSU 87.7 FM radio. He comes on at 8:40am on Sunday mornings. (just in time to listen to him on the ride to church)
He is the Puzzle editor for the NY Times.
I really enjoy him. :o) And on the plus side it gets my brain active again....

Erika said...

Thanks for doing this! It's way more interesting than mine! What a rebel you were. :) And fun pictures, it was worth the wait. :) And your to-do list rocks, keeping kids alive is definitely a number one priority. :)

Magirk said...

Great list. ;-)

Honestly, keeping the children alive is about the only goal I have these days.

And boy, does it take every ounce of me!

Especially that little 5 year old who is giving me such attitude these days.

Actually, I guess that goal for keeping her alive is quite profound in that light....