Saturday, April 7

Crunch time

Yesterday at my doctor’s appointment the exam revealed I’m dilated to a 3+, 80% effaced and -3 station. With Mia, I was the exact same, only at 0 station, exactly 22 days before she was born. I’m hoping I’ll be able to carry them til graduation in 20 days. But things seem to be progressing twice as fast, which would put their B-day around the 20th.
They gave me a steroid shot to help the girls’ lungs develop surfactant more quickly and facilitate better breathing, just in case they come soon. Zach just gave me the second dose a half hour ago. His first injection! I always swore I’d never be his guinea pig, but I had a suspicion I would end up getting something done to me. Well there it was- hopefully we’re done. Compared to the one the nurse did yesterday, his injection hurt about three times as bad going in and twenty times as bad going out. I hate shots! Oh, well- all for a good cause.

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