Tuesday, May 19

The twins got baptized!

Las Vegas temple grounds in dresses handmade by Grandma Coralee

We went to Utah for Anya and Bree's baptisms. We figured more people could attend if we went up there, and we knew we were moving out of our ward when we set the date, so we figured we wouldn't be missing anyone in the new ward down here, anyway.  I almost regretted driving up when we hit heavy rain and I had to squint into the dark and against other drivers' headlights both ahead and behind, through crappy Vegas windshield wipers, for over two terrifying hours. Looking forward to living closer- I never want to deal with that again.

Zach is posing in front of this same picture with his dad when he was 8.  The twins were baptized in the same font. 

Proud of my girls.
Anya and Bree both filled out a spotlight sheet to be read during the meeting held before their baptisms. One of the blanks to fill out was "I am trying to be like Jesus by:____"  Anya said "Getting baptized and being kind."  Bree said "Caring for others when they're hurt."

When asked why they wanted to be baptized, Anya wrote: "Because it's like a bath, except it makes you free from sins."  Bree said, "I want to be with God."

They were so excited to get out of their dresses and into their font outfits.  Grandma Cork had made cute little collars to go on each one, and they looked so sweet.

I was still a mental stress-case from either driving the night before, or just my life in general, so I was super thankful for the help of both our moms, and the Primary secretary.  There were SO many details they thought of that made the whole gathering so much more fun and memorable than it would have been had we stayed home.   The girls will remember their baptisms every week for the rest of their lives, but because of all the extra effort from Grandmas and church leaders, they'll also remember how much joy their decision brought to so many of their family.

We went up to my parents' ward house for a get-together and dinner afterward, and had a great time meeting up with my sister's fam who we haven't seen since her son came home from his mission and her daughter got engaged.  They are expected to be the life of the party, and they fulfilled their Suiter obligation as beautifully as ever. ;)

Playing with cousins in the "secret hide-out"

We definitely get our silly genes from my side.

Jeremy catching the flu

Declan lost his pants, so he thought he'd practice his beefcake poses.  We found him in the middle of the floor like this.

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