Monday, April 20

This time last year: April

Last April I was starting to get desperate about the barking coming from our neighbor's dogs. That was the month those crazy neighbors won 11K from a news station.  Karma Shmarma! I love being on the "tail" end of that situation, knowing that not even a year later we were able to get out of that "ruff" neighborhood. (BAhahaha I crack me up.)

I was, and still am,so grateful to sweet friends who kept offering sympathy and encouragement during that.  It was a nightmare, but it kept me sane to know that I wasn't the only one who would be bothered by that.

We lost our "Vegas Bevans" to Alaska

Paid our visit to the creepy bunny at Smith's.  I loved that store.  The Smith's here is overrun by old people.

Easter egg hunt with the ward.

The pool had been warm all month last year.  We're still waiting for it this year!

The twins celebrated turning 7 with both families.

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