Saturday, March 28

This time last year- March

The kids were just as determined to go swimming last March as they were this one. I gave them permission to swim, thinking their own bodies would tell them it was too cold, since they wouldn't listen to me.

They squealed and cringed, but persevered.


This March has been just as ridiculous:

And just as fun.  Okay, a lot more fun.

Back to last year.  I finally figured out how to make these beautimous delectables that I'd been craving for over a decade.  Arancini.   I think they are mostly a Sicilian thing.  And I love them.  Risotto, panchetta, (I just cubed some ham) and a yummy mozzarella center.

The girls got into facial masks and home-spa evenings.

I tried encouraging Declan to wean with no success.
 These two became partners in crime.  Our poor couch went from needing a touch-up to needing a professional cleaning.  And a month after the professional cleaning, it needs another professional cleaning.  They are so brutal on that poor couch. Declan uses it as a napkin.

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