Monday, May 28

Bring on the heat!

Mia played her last soccer game of the season last week. We'd been melting at every game, and thought it was funny that the weekend after the season ended the temp was 70 degrees.
She learned how to be a pretty good little goalie. This was the week she came down in plaid shorts and I told her to change into jeans. Meaning jean shorts. But she got into some jeans. She was purple the entire game- I felt so bad.
Her team was pretty cute. I don't think they won one game. And I don't think half of them knew whether they won or not. The coaches were all super awesome and cheered them no matter what happened.
We finally got a pool! This thing is kind of the reason we moved to Vegas. ;) My crappy back hates all exercise but swimming. The lawn is mostly grown in and we've been having a lot of fun in our first enclosed backyard since 2007. I'm looking forward to many more summer days floating around back there.
It took a few tries to peel him off Zach and me, but Kael finally got over his clinginess and had some fun.

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Leah Southwick said...

Go Mia! And a swimming pool in your backyard! Sweet.