Monday, January 16

Piggy bank

Yesterday as I was changing Kael he started teasing me with a quarter he had found. He doesn't usually put stuff in his mouth anymore, but he DOES like to get a rise out of me, so he was pretending he was going to put it in and laughing. I told him to knock it off and hurried and finished wiping him so I could make him hand it over. By the time I was done wiping he was making a gagging noise. I flipped him over and smacked his back, and *gulp!* down it went.
I ran downstairs and woke Zach up. He couldn't think of anyone to call, so he just took him down to the hospital. Luckily a doc that knew him was in the hall when he arrived and they got an X-ray done quickly. The doctors informed each other, "We've got a piggy bank!"

And there it is.

We fed him a bunch of stew when he got home an hour later... bulk food. ;) I was so relieved he didn't have to stay at the hospital for long. And now the real fun begins.
Well it wasn't as big a deal as I worried it would be. First dirty diaper and I saw the edge of the quarter right away. There's no way he would have noticed.



Britney said...

I've heard of kids swallowing pennies and nickels before, but never a quarter. If his saving habits mirror his swallowing habits at all, he may have a nice 401K someday. ;)

Rachelle VDub said...

AWWW! You are so calm, I would have freaked out! haha

Leah Southwick said...

What a picture! I'm glad that quarter came out okay. Let me know how your dairy free experiment goes or if you have questions.