Thursday, June 16

In case you're wondering how those crazy Vans are faring

Well, here we are at Grandma's house- coming up on week two of our camp-out. Our gracious parents have told us we can stay as long as we need. Their eyes looked a little glassy when they repeated that for the eighth through tenth times in response to our plans H-K regarding this house closing and the second half of our move. At the moment, the date has officially been pushed back to the 30th. Of June.

Luckily, my parents' family has a place up in Bear Lake which was going to be empty this week, and which will now be occupied by us homeless people. Unluckily, Zach has to be in Vegas by the 23rd. So we'll be up there daddy-less. Luckily, a sweet family has offered to let Zach stay with them until the house closes.

All our stuff is being stored in an ABF truck. If the house closes by this new date, we won't have to pay for extended storage time.

If the house closes by this new date, we'll have exactly one day to unpack before Zach has to start his night float shift. (Work all night, sleep all day for a month. Which might be a blessing in disguise, Zach says. If he needs to take care of house stuff, all he has to do is lose sleep! ;b)

If this house closes by the 30th, we've got plenty of awesome family members to help us with the drive down and settling in. (Yay for close-ish proximity!!!)

We miss home. But things are going good.


Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

We miss you guys already! Let's hope that house closes soon :D

The Waits Gate said...

I was wondering! Miss your smiling faces!

Leah Southwick said...

What a woman you are, Summer! You and Zach are both amazing. Forced camping doesn't sound too fun (neither does Zach's night float shift) but hanging out at Bear Lake does sound fun. Oh, the memories. Here's hoping your house closes sooner than late.

Maureen said...

You two are such brave and intrepid souls! So glad you found a strip of beach at the lake, Sum. Wouldn't you know, this is the one year you not only don't have to walk half a mile to the water, you can practically dip your feet from the parked car! (and, uh, it's your parents' home, not their family's--which we hope more of said family can come up and enjoy through the summer--remember the week of the 24th ya'll). Hugs and kisses all around--Mom