Monday, February 21

V-dub's V-Day

It's been a whole week since Valentine's Day, but one of my roses is still hanging on. Our Valentine boxes still get a daily rummaging. I think Mia's box from last year hung around for two months. We really hate losing our holidays around here. :)

The girls got some cute packages from Grandmas, filled with Valentine clothes and treats. Those things are so much fun- like a little party in a box. After those arrived, they were super excited to go to our homeschooling group's Valentine party to exchange V-day cards.

This year we learned from our experience and made bigger boxes with bigger holes. We dismantled Grandma's singing V-day card and rigged Mia's box to play when the flap over her mail slot was opened and closed. Bree and Anya hadn't seemed too excited about our invention, but then Bree asked me the night before the party if she could have a singing box like Mia's. :( Next year... Every year I find something I want to remember to do for the next, ha. There were 32 kids participating this time, so we were definitely feelin' the love.

When we got home we went "Valentining." It has become the favorite part of holidays for these kids- dressing up and handing goodies to our neighbors.
Now we just need more neighbors who are home on holidays..

The day after Valentine's Kael turned seven months old.

Man-I thought he had me wrapped around my finger before? He started babbling "Mamamamamamama." I might as well now be his personal 6-foot marionette.
Could you resist that?
Well, I can't. :)


Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE the one with him in the chair!! He is a momma's boy(as I think all little boys should be!)

Lisa said...

Love the first picture of all your cute! And the pictures of Kael; what a handsome little boy!

RhondaLue said...

Kael is a little DOLL BABY!!!

Oh and I wish I were your neighbor! :) I'd be HOME for you to come valentining at my place!

They are so lucky to have such a thoughtful grandma!!!!!!!!

Leah Southwick said...

Summer, your kids are soooo cute and your baby is adorable. I just want to hug and kiss him.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a photogenic kid! Ooooh, just want to squish him. So glad the girls had a great Valentine's Day! Little doll babies. Sure helps that Mom knows how to take great pictures! Mom (still can't remember my google account stuff).

Megs said...

Yay! Pictures! :) Kael is looking more and more like Anya and Bree. Like Dallin says - he is definitely their brother... but none of them look like their parents. haha :)
The singing box was a great idea! Looks like they had fun :)

Brookie Biggers said...

LOVE this post... And the last one. LOVE cathcing up on your life and how youve been (without Facebook)LOL Your baby boy is ADORABLE,!