Thursday, January 13

Birth order

I heard that my grandma's motto about raising children was that we're simply supposed to work ourselves out of a job.
Zach and I can't help but notice how fast time is flying when we see how Mia ages five years whenever she dotes on her little brother. She's in such a hurry to be a good mommy.
Funny thing, I remember exactly how she feels. I remember more than one occasion when my mom had to remind me who the real parent of my sibings was, and so it's hard not to laugh as I watch Mia try to teach the twins how to do their dot-to-dots , and as she gives them "talking lessons."
"Say: MOOOmmy."
Two little voices repeat her.
The best is when she paraphrases something I tell the twins, and I know exactly how my mom must have felt dealing with a little echo voice. Good and bad, there's nothing like being the oldest, I tell 'ya.

I'm interested to see if the "middle child" role will affect the twins doubly or not at all, or what.

Here's the current youngest. I'm also interested to see if he ends up being the youngest, or if we decide we're crazy enough to do this again. ;)

You heard Mia say we should send this to Dad? He's been gone the last couple of weeks doing the last six of eleven interviews. The twelfth and very final one will be at OSU next month. We're collecting info on a bunch of states and a bunch of programs, so we can form a list that ranks our preferences. We'll find out where we've "matched" on St. Patrick's Day, it looks like. Luckily, there are good aspects to every program, so we know that wherever we're going next will be just fine. Meanwhile, I'm glad the interviewing part is over. I went from shoveling the walk to nursing the baby in .00006 seconds today. ;) We're so glad when Daddy comes home...


Zicker said...

Can't wait to get home. Love the baby laugh. Thanks hon and Mimi. I "heeded" that as Bree would say.

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

my kids never got the memo that I was supposed to phase out.
Now I have just as many things that need to get done. only x4. FUN!!!

(I love Kael's sweet baby laugh. Those are the best!)

Megs said...

She does such a good job feeding him too! Scooping it off his chin and feeding him more. And he is sooo eager to let her! :) The laugh was sooo cute :)

Rachelle VDub said...

So cute! Im excited for you to get your hubby back to! That is a lot of work all by yourself!

Maureen said...

Looks like everything goes just fine without Daddy--with a little help from "minimommy"! Kael's really doing the solid food thing with gusto! I love that giggle. What a keeper! (And you're right, that's exactly what my mother said--which I took to heart, like everything she so wisely offered us. Except the one about not speaking to strangers on our tour of Europe, haha). Mom