Wednesday, September 15

Whatever you say

"Dat one is milk, and dat one is juice!" Bree pointing to Kael's breastfeeding options.

I told the girls they needed to be quiet for a minute or Kael couldn't fall asleep. "Because he's a really good listener," Mia explained.

"He bless you'ed!" Bree exclaimed after Kael sneezed.

"What do snails eat?" Bree asked Zach while watching them scoot around our fish tank. Zach and Mia answered at the same time: "Algae" "Allergies!"

"Anya's bum bum coughed!" -Bree

I suctioned some googers out of baby's nose. Mia told him as he flinched, "Sorry, but we have to. It's like going to the nose dentist!"

Bree failed to get my attention while I was making dinner, so tried a new approach, "Honey!?" When I turned to look at her she asked "is your name Honey?" I asked her what she thought my name was. "Honey?" "And what's Daddy's name?" "Daddy!!!" I shook my head and smiled. She thought harder. "Honey?"

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Michelle said...

Your girls make me smile everytime I see them and read about them! I so miss seeing them!