Saturday, May 22

Silly billies

Anya browsing our videos trying to convince me it's okay to watch a movie: "Mom! I like TV's!"
"You mean movies?"
Pulls out the Emporer's New Groove: "I mean Groovies!"

Mia trying to stop Bree from taking her stuffed dog: "Bree it's Tuesday. This dog only bites on Tuesday, so you better leave him alone."

Anya started refusing squash a couple months ago. I keep putting it in front of her though. Last time I set it on her tray, she yelled the usual, "I don't like squash!" And stupid me, I gave the same response I always give. "Yes, you do."
Usually a little Yes/No conversation happens for a minute. But this time, she said, "I do?"
"Oh. I like squash!" She ate it all.

Mia: "So- Mom, how'd you sleep last night?"

Bree: "Where's Darling? I want Darling." She named a rag doll Darling- a word we don't use at our house, and so has us completely mystified. I'm actually still not convinced she hasn't named it Darleene. It sounds like "Darween," when she says it.

Anya is sitting on our new bounce horse in a Cinderella dress, and I'm reading on the couch next to her. We've been quiet for a while, and then she blurts, "I'm a genius!" Another word we don't use... and the way she pronounces it.. I hope it wasn't mean of me to laugh my head off.


Marsie Pants said...

My favorite was Mia's Tuesday comment. Awesome. I'm totally going to start using that on my kids.

Maureen said...

They are soooo funny! I'm glad you're saving these. And Mia really is a geeny-us.

Mitchell Family said...

Seriously, the things kids say! I laugh my head off several times a day... helps keep me sane for the other times I am pulling my hair out!